Defender DPS too high - Damage Reflection Multiplier over 9000?

Uh, so recently I have encountered a few very surprisingly deadly gate defenders in the game…

In particular, a player’s Perseus defender which I “met” with several different of my own heroes did consistently kill my heroes from full health within 1-3 seconds which seems a bit off given the fact that player is on a similar level to myself.

We already talked about it before, when my Prometheus with 154k health died twice to that Perseus defender within a few seconds, and today I attacked that player once again, this time with my 234k health Odysseus who also died in 2-3 seconds to the defender and nearly died again (gate died quicker, luckily).

That Perseus defender does have a damage reflection perk, which could (partially) explain the fast deaths of Prometheus before (assuming all the reflected damage from Prometheus’ melee attack + Porphyros spell hit my Prometheus), but still it just felt way too quick.

Now this time, with Odysseus, I paid attention to the circumstances and also got the stat values for that player’s Perseus, and it just looks way too quick of a death to make sense.

  • No spell was fired at the defender.
  • My Odysseus didn’t attack the defender (he attacked the castle gate only).
  • The Perseus defender was right next to Odysseys and the gate, in a corner, far away from most of my troops.
  • The troops I had were Archers, Spearmen, Trebuchets. One spearman (1850 damage) attacked the Perseus defender who was at nearly-full health, i.e. the spearman’s special high-damage ability could not be used. Three or four of my archers (1630 damage each) fired at Perseus, the rest (not that I had that many either way) fired at the gate. All trebuchets fired at the gate (even if one of them should have hit Perseus, the damage of my trebs is 604, not that much) as far as I have seen.
  • My Odysseus died from full health (234k health, 0% physical resistance) in about 2-3 seconds with no hostile troops around and the Perseus defender attacking my Odysseus.
  • The Perseus defender stats include: 8218 damage, 9023 area damage, 15% damage reflection, 1% destruction chance, and his Medusa spell is lvl 19 with 1177 damage and 310% damage multiplier. The Perseus defender also had 26% physical, 22% fire, 29% ice and 23% lightning resistance.
  • The base had a chaos gate, but at a low level. Gate lvl 11, 2254 damage.

If I just ignore the Perseus’ damage resistances and just take the full incoming damage values from 1 spear, 4 archers, 1 treb as base for the damage reflection effect, I get (1850 + 4 *1630 + 604) * 0.15 = 8974 * 0.15 = 1346 reflected damage (per second). Adding 2254 damage from the gate to that yields exactly 3.6k damage. Now, I am not sure how the regular/area damage thing works, but even assuming a full melee damage of 8218 plus a full area damage of 9023 and adding that up, yields a total of 20841 damage… or 64607 damage with the full medusa spell damage multiplier… that yields and expected lifetime of about 3.6 seconds for my poor Odysseus… and that kinda even fits then, roughly… damn

Those are the stats of the statue @Heroesflorian is talking about:

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-02 at 01.27.49.jpeg

That doesn’t look crazy. I wonder why it’s so tough? No damage reflection, but mine has way crazier stats. 

Quickly tested it myself with my Perseus… Didn’t seem that deadly


Stats of attacking Perseus:

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-02 at 02.27.40.jpeg

Yeah, looking at your video your Perseus defender seems like a cute little kitten that only tickles the attacking hero with innocent and fluffy paws.

But that is just the completely opposite experience of when I faced the very same defender yesterday (and several other times before)… it killed my attacking hero as fast as an angry “meooww!”, and then after resurrecting right again…

@dumpster you have very good stats ?

Any chance maybe @CaptainMorgan knows more about this issue?

I encountered something similar but with Jason statue, I think it was last Skirmish - 

These were my Helen’s stats back then - 


My level was 115 and opponent’s 125 - 



Asd0011, I think you were more vulnerable to ice and Damocles damage. While you used those spells, their damage reflects + statue physical damage. 

So guys you should equip the proper spells and the proper uniform in case you face a statue with damage reflection. I mean, if you’re going to equip Okeanos, Then you’ll  need an ice outfit, just in case. 

@Neptune, good point. Still, it’s unclear if reflected damage saves the original type (fire, ice, etc…). Some people say it gets converted to physical. Could anyone confirm or refute that?

Which type does reflected damage have?

I know strong mirror shields shred Phoenixes, so it can’t reflect back 100% of the original damage type.

Good point!


I got this problem today against a ascension level 122 during the Wars. My eyes don’t believe it. I have die 3 times in a row in just few seconds against Hercule. probably he have up his damage over 10k and my resistance against physical was weak. If you don’t have the good resistance or the good damage to deal with. You fail

Reflected damage is not of the same kind of the damage done.

Try use pyroforus - even if you have 90% fire resistance.

Hercules with over 10k damage is reachable fairly easily, but that alone doesn’t kill that quickly. If you died 3 times in just a few seconds, some other factor - as we suspect, damage reflection perks - was playing a role there.

But yeah, good to know more people are facing and noticing this issue… maybe then we are more likely to eventually get some reply from @CaptainMorgan, or @Chris with more people being affected by this.

Ok now I am seriously pissed… just lost a war raid that should not have been lost by any means normally… I reached the gate + Perseus defender (with mirror shield) with my Prometheus, with plenty of time (about 1 minute) to spare, and knowing the alliance had doom gate I immediately retreated a little bit to lure away the defender from the chaos gate, to deal with both threats separately and make Perseus waste his petrification spell on 2 lonely spearmen at my frontline.

So then, I attacked the defender with Prome + army, making sure to run in circles around Perseus, trying to stay behind him most of the time to avoid reflected damage (damage is reflected to the front of the deflecting hero/defender). Yet… 1s later, my Prome (167k hp) was dead (starting from full health full + 28k shield). Oh well, so I resurrected (which grants the hero a few seconds (maybe 3s?) damage immunity) and continued… yet, literally 0.5s after end of damage immunity, I was dead again, while Perseus didn’t even face me as far as I can tell.

And yes, I was at the end of the regular path, outside chaos gate range. And nope I did not cast my Pyrphoros spell in between, so no massive reflected spell damage

Ok then, so I resurrected again (2nd time) and - currently I was closer to the gate than Perseus - tried to pass the defender to retreat further back the path and hopefully gather some more troops… I didn’t even manage to run around the Perseus in time before my damage immunity ended and I got killed again in 0.5s… so I did a 3rd resurrect, and ran back, sacrificing the by now little remains of my army to avoid dying a 4th time (= end of raid). Eventually, my troops with support from Prometheus managed to somehow kill the Perseus defender, barely, about 30s later, and I barely managed to keep my hero alive this time, but by then I only had 1 griffin and 1 archer remaining as troops, and maybe 10s remaining on the clock - which then obviously didn’t suffice to run across the gate square and bring down a high lvl chaos gate in time…

I mean, come on! This isn’t just strong, or OP, this is simply bugged… dying in 0.5s under those circumstances, many times in a row when (at least for some of the deaths) I shouldn’t even have gotten hit at all?

Below is a SS of the raid endscreen, in case the defender/base’s IGN is of any interest.


Also, I went the extra mile to retry the same base with a different hero and record it on video, but sadly botched that raid and arrived at the gate 30s later lol… anyway, more importantly, that bugged insta-kill behaviour did not occur on that second raid for whatever reason… aaand I went as far as to retry with the same hero as on 1st try (Prometheus) again, record it again, not botch that 3rd raid, but again, the insta-kill behaviour did not re-occur… so sadly I have nothing to show it in action now.

This game has a lot of bugs, some of which we’ve been playing with so long we don’t know what’s intended behavior and what’s not. Its frustrating to say the least. 

We are looking into this issue, but it is proving elusive. The more screenshots, videos or player names you can provide, the sooner we will be able to fix this.

Sorry for the frustration it is causing.

Thanks! The knowledge that this has been picked up by you guys and is being worked on is already a relief and a good news! Good luck with hunting down the bug, may Artemis help you! :grinning:

I just met a statue of Achilles who killed Arianna and over 20 minutotauri in a moment. He killed arianna with only three shots, three shots in the true sense of the word. Never seen such a thing