Defender statue stats

Tell me, in which section of the forum you can ask questions about the smithy? 

I’m wondering why on this statue, the damage to the region works at times worse?

Than on this one. Although the stats are almost identical

The first statue is even slightly better in terms of indicators. Is this a bug? The only difference is that in the first statue the damage over the area was obtained in the Odyssey, and in the second (which is stronger) in the armor

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Now, as for the question, can you clarify the source of Area Damage. The first statue is affected only by the Odyssey mastery and the second one only by armor attributes? If thats the case, a follow up is: Have you considered the fact that ANY damage is converted into Area Damage if used on a defender statue? So what may be the case is that, although your Area Damage sources differ, the first statues armor actually has less plain damage (I cant see the damage stat on second one, hence the question) which, in turn, gave you a lower value overall when combined with the odyssey bonus.

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Here is the loss of the second defender.

Here is the loss of the first defender. The first defender has more damage, more attack speed and damage to the area is almost the same. But the second statue kills the army in 6-7 seconds, and the first one kills very slowly.

@NOVAKK I am confirming this with Madlen atm, but the working theory, if the question is solely grounded in the time taken to kill the army, has to do with reflection. In this thread, Morgan briefly explained that DR is non-elemental (has no corresponding resistance) and is a % of what the hero *would* have taken. Now, it is yet unclear whether this is before or after the other resistances kick in. My assumption that this is after all other resistances, which then works nicely with what I see on your screenshots. The second statue has no resistances but physical, while the first one has all sorts of other resistances. 

This is just a theory though, would take us some time to get the question to the devs and get an answer. Hopefully, Madlen or I would be able to respond with the actual answer shortly. 

Thank you. I need to try to remove the resistance and leave only fiz?) I believe that this is a mistake)) 

Till 4.0 they were generally sure the forge worked as intended and only then came up with an idea of there being a bug. Maybe you are right, but beware as they may simply nerf the DR instead of making it logical :grinning:


P.s. The google translation of quotes is hilarious and at time rather fun to read


Update: Hopefully well get back with a definitve answer tomorrow

Good. I will wait for an answer. Thanks again) Many players forged strong defenders, and as a result, either damage over the area does not work, or resistance to the elements (

Cm and Chris have known about this for months. It’s the area damage. Area damage on its own doesn’t do too much, it just additiavely increases your damage output. When you combine area damage with even a small amount of reflection (like seriously 5%-10%) it has a completely different effect, multiplying damage like crazy. 

They know it’s a bug, but the last thing they said on the matter is that they can’t figure out how or why it’s happening so they don’t know how to fix it. 

Yeah, heard this before as well, think you had the convo with them back then. Yet how then the two almost identical statues have what is claimed to be a very drastic difference in the time taken to kill the army? 63 vs 61 and area damage of 2200 vs 2637. It isnt a question of what causes the damage, that is, like you said, a common fact nowadays. The question is what causes the drastic difference in damage.

From my personal experience, I too confirm that I made an almost immortal statue that healed with some insane LoH. That was a bug too and I am somewhat sure they tried acting on it, yet from the comments I see it is rsther futile (else others use broken gear, which I did not have the access too). Yet it did not kill stuff as fast as some of the killer statues did. 

And to go with that, the killer statues that I saw actually took much more damage that the immortal ones did. So there is a clear relationship (negative) between being immortal and killing the enemy fast. Again, at least thats what I reliably saw myself. Which works nicely with the DR - Resistance theory. Why DR damage is so abnormally high is a separate question on its own 

The second statue he posted there doesn’t have any sources of area damage. Just reflection 

Odyssey gave area damage there. Or does it only work with the damage coming from equipment? Then we at least have some kind of lead where the bug comes from


Where as you only need a tiny bit of reflection to make the bug work, there seems to be a minimum threshold of extra area damage you need to start the ‘splosions off. I don’t know if the amount you can get from masteries is enough on its own. The amount you get from a single Titan-grade item is plenty. 

Fair enough. Lets see what the officials say, they should know how their game is not working as intended (I hope tahts the case now, although doubts are there still) for sure  :grinning:

So here are the results of the unofficial research we’ve done, really over a couple of months this winter:

  1. Damage Reflection only: effects are as you would expect. it blocks a lot of damage and it deals out enough to kill small stuff. It’s irresistible, non-elemental damage.

  2. Area damage only, no DR: It’s barely noticeable. You do slightly extra damage to everything. Statues have a base 100% area damage, meaning they deal full weapon damage to every enemy in an arc. When you’re using AD on your hero, you deal full weapon damage to one enemy, and a fraction of that (based about your amount of AD) to other enemies in an arc. Because statues already have 100% AD, the extra damage is added on (so all enemies in the arc get dealt 20,000 damage instead of 18,000 damage). It’s additional damage, not multiplicative.

  3. Area damage and a small amount of DR: You don’t get the damage shaving from having lots of DR, but you kill most if not all units with a single swing. There is a damage multiplier that gets added. The statue is doing 60-80,000 damage per swing, maybe more. This is  PHYSICAL  type damage, it’s not non-elemental like what comes from DR. It will kill a hero who has no- or low-physical resist in 4 or 5 swings, but shield bearers with high physical resist barely get scratched.

  4. AD and normal/high amounts of DR: no real change to the damage multiplier as far as we can tell, but more DR is always more better.

That is consistent with any and all observations I had thus far too. Including the thread I linked above where I claimed DR is physical because physical resist seemed to help with statues. This is a pretty good explanation for why that is. Shame you havent linked it in full before (or I missed that somehow), would help with further questions for sure