Defenders League

Defenders League is a defender version of pro league. Instead of just pushing through pre-made defenses under lots of restrictions, you have to defend off other players with the restrictions given to you while trying to gain resources to give yourself an advantage. This isn’t the same as normal gameplay though.


At the start, everyone is given the same king/queen, the same towers, the same obstacles, the same troops, and the same spells. Everyone is given 1 full day to set up their defenses, gear, troops, and spells. After the day is over, if you haven’t set up everything yet, the game sets it up for you. Either way, you’re stuck with your setup for 3 days. During that time, players will attempt to dominate other player’s bases. Here are the restrictions for this time period;

Your setup cannot change during the 3 days, so you’re stuck with what you have. Scrolls are an exception if you had any to begin with.

You cannot attack the same player more than once during the 3 days, so make each battle count.

If you somehow run out of players to attack, you’re stuck without being able to battle for the rest of the 3 days.

While battling, you’ll end up with some resources that are either necessary or beneficial. The necessary resources are Platinum, Magic Rune, Morale Crystal, and Reenforced Bricks while the beneficial resources are Skulls, Ruby, Life Stone, and Mythic Rune. Platinum is obtained through battle and allows you to buy Magic Runes, Morale Crystals, and Reenforced Bricks or maybe even a random one at a cheaper price as well as being able to buy temporary total Platinum protection. Magic Rune allows you to level up spells instantly, though the level depends on how much is needed. The spell you want might even be locked until a certain amount of Magic Runes are spent, often costing more than is needed to upgrade. Morale Crystals are for troops as Magic Runes are for spells. Reenforced Bricks are for towers and obstacles as Morale Crystals are for troops. Skulls is obtained through battle for doing well in battle and can be spent on Platinum or Ruby. Ruby can be obtained for free if you 3 crown someone’s defense and can be spent on Life Stones and Mythic Runes as well as small permanent Platinum protection (max protection 80%). Life Stone can be spent to get pals and guardians that can really help you out. Mythic Runes can be spent to allow 1 use of a specific scroll. Spend 1 Mythic Rune and you’ll be able to use it once during battle. Keep spending Mythic Runes for the same scroll and you’ll level it up. Use the scroll and you’ll return it to level 1 and lock it. Once the first 3 days are over, the players will have 1 full day to use what they collected to make changes to their defenses and load out. After that, the next 3 days begins. Only this time, it’s possible to have your Platinum and Ruby’s stolen from you. That’s right! The first 3 days is just players printing resources! Now you have to deal with your resources getting stolen as you can no longer print resources. After the 3 days are done, players are given a final day to set up their defenses and load out once again. After that, players are given 3 days to win as many battles as they can. Winning a match eliminates your opponent while failing to do so gets yourself eliminated instead. Depending on how well you did when the final 3 days are over, you get Defenders Quartz that you can spend on getting tokens, an unlocked pal of your choice, an unlocked guardian of your choice, 1 random Unique Gear, Pal Chests, Guardian Chests, Gems, Pearls, Voucher Tickets, an Exclusive Background that makes your kingdom look like it’s in the middle of a battlefield, a pal that can stun enemies and slow down time (for staling or allowing for an easier opening), and a guardian that allows you to jump over barricades and blockades with its special ability to dramatically increase movement speed with the tradeoff of being weak towards fire, ice, and poison, and lightning (this guardian allows for less risky rushing if you need to remove towers or troops that you can’t reach but that the tower can reach you, but being weak to lingering effects means that you have to consider if you are able to reach it in time).

Imagine playing a challenge where everyone starts off weak at the same time and trying to out power other players by gathering resources so they can become the most powerful.