Defenders of Freedom - Top 100 ranked alliance is looking to grow.

=df= is a 52 member alliance currently ranked 59th globally and members enjoy a 48% gold boost. We boost barricades, knights, archers, and wolf 24/7 and we play with several other boosts, especially during war.

We are more concerned with having fun and making friends, rather than getting to 60 members or getting into the top 10. However, we are still very competitive and active in alliance wars (currently 38 fiefdoms)

We are always looking for dedicated players with the drive to improve their own bases and offensive skills.

Currently, our ranks range from 3000 trophies to 5000 trophies, and we would like to climb the individual leader boards together, as a team.

If you want to improve your game through being part of something larger than yourself, then =Defenders of Freedom= is for you.

Update: =df= is now 16 members strong, globally ranked #80, with a 23% gold boost.


I’m beginning to think these forums are the least efficient way to recruit, lol


Its true to an extent. Those who are active are all here and all are in their alliances for long. New people coming and joining the board is not much. Till you get in game chat with other players you have to depend on them being in some other common place and that is this forum for all RR2 addicts. Good luck with your alliance progress.

I’m not sure my requests are getting to the people I ask. I must have ask thirty or more people in the last couple of days and not only have I not gotten a rejection notice, I have look them up again and it doesn’t even show that I sent them a request anymore. You know how it will show the invite butten solid gray after you send them a request. -dels , " Preserver" alliance

By the way Wooblygoblin I tried to find you in the game and you wouldn’t come up in the search.

perhaps you are misspelling my name? It’s not “WooblyGoblin” it’s “WobblyGoblin”


P.S. We’re now ranked #71 with 17 members. Moving on up!

update: =df= is now 25 members strong, thanks to extra donations from many of us, as well as consistent daily donations.

we are always looking for our next recruit!

We are looking to fill our 27th slot vacated by an inactive member.


We are currently ranked 44th with a 31% gold boost, we’ll be at 32% with your help.


We are looking for someone in the 3100-3500 trophy range, who donates at least 50k gold per day.

We are now looking for our 29th member!  We will upgrade to level 24 today, currently ranked #38 globally with a 33% gold boost.    We do elite boosts on Wednesdays & Storm Cannon Sundays!   @Heroesflorian, thanks for the like, I’m saving a seat for you in =df= :grinning:

Updated the original post with new info. Even though this is the worst place to recruit because hey, you never know. Besides, we did recruit one of our most active members here

We are now looking for our 31st member!

We are about to upgrade to level 27 & we are looking for a couple of recruits. Members enjoy a 36% gold boost & boost days every Sunday & Wednesday.

=df= is now looking for our 34th member. We are one level away from having level 3 tough barricades 24/7.

Brought this post back from the dead.

Just upgraded, and now we are searching for our 39th member!

Just upgraded again! The next person to join gets FREE CAKE!

This topic is like a time capsule =)


You shake your head at the strangest of things. Thanks for the bump :slight_smile: