Defending Against Unholy Paladins...

I’m a level #117 now and probably for the last 30 levels I’ve been able to build defenses I couldn’t beat in my Gold/Luck/Experience gear (not a single attribute that assists in combat). 

But with the Holy/Unholy Paladin boosted I can beat my defenses no matter what!

I’ve tried a myriad of base layouts, I’ve changed towers: Snake, Firebolt, Skull, etc…  I can’t stop them!

What are people building to stop the new Paladins?  Are they just over powered? 

Note: My alliance does not have the Basilisk Boost.  And we don’t use the Tempest Tower Boost that often.

While offense is overpowered, you’re in luck, because the “best” defense so far against paladin is skull tower, which requires no boost.


Try raiding a base that is filled with well forged skull towers and you can see how paladins can easily fall despite being resistant to blunt damage.


What do you recommend for defensive troops? 

Having a few mortars would make a huge difference. Perhaps one mortar every wave. Paladins are weak to poison.

Try raiding top players from Phoenix Legion with paladins. They have no tempest boost or firebolt pro boost. Their top bases are skull tower bases. For bases that are unboosted, theirs are considered good.

Unless you have the kick aura ring, then those bases full of skull towers are useless

Scull bases are good. But now all basea are are crap, agree with TS

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As you see, Paladins were overpowered back in 2009 also (regarding your Link, Ding).