Defending with Hero

Just a thought

when a person attacks a defended island (you have a hero on that island) have that defending hero partake in the defense. Have them show up randomly and only once

It would be automated but they can’t use any other skills except their hero specific skill and would have all the gear you have on them

it would give attacking a little more fun and challenging


I like it ??

Me too.

Yup. Love it

Hey good idea, sounds fun. 

I cant beat the boosts, and you want to to strengthen the defence…give FTP $ 10 a try and you will notice that you can win about 3 fights a day, all those 5 buff players are unbeatbable. Heroes die very often with green/gray equip and without bought gem skills.

So no thanks, but im loosing interest in this game anyway…like many here

I like it and thought of it too. However there may be balance issues. Hero could replace a random wave rather than add to it. 

I’m not having any issues with buffed bases with the recent tower/troop nerf. Seems I am finishing almost all of them with 30+ seconds.

could be different at lower levels - all the more reason to level up! ?

It is just an idea though