Defense Base Freeze

Since yesterday I start to get freeze when I try my defense base. Don’t know why

When I click on the Sword Icon and select Archilles when I click Start get this

and the game freeze. I must each time close the game and reenter

Did a tower cause conflict or its my PC the problem? I have update my driver to 19.3.3 but got intalled partially not correctly maybe causing this. Wait that I try a new driver 19.3.4 who will come problaby soon. Will see If I have the same problem. I will confirm it later when I have 19.3.4 if I have the same problem or be solve




We will have a look and see if we can reproduce this issue.

If I may add a piece of info… Ive faced this issue when I did run the game on my old mobile (s6) and in the meantime keeping the music player on in the background. Probably my phone couldnt handle both apps running at the same time. If you want a video, I can reproduce it.

That would be helpful, especially if it’s easy to reproduce.

Was searching in my phone galery and found one of those test attempts… as you may see in the video, the test didn`t start so I had to close it after 20 or so seconds coz the other times I let it even longer with the hope that the fight would start but never did.


Thanks, it seems that it does indeed crash the game if you test defense with an .mp3 running in the background! We now have this on our list of bugs to fix.