defense beast glitchh???

since the seasonal boost I noticed defense beast are getting feared by my wolves thus they are running around the whole time when facing my army lol.??? 

Ooo yea, omg, this is really strange!!!?

apparently only primal howl isn’t affected by fear status by wolves during this season ?

Hey guys,

Thanks for telling us. :grinning:

Due to fear wolf, beasts except primary howl always were intimidated and run away. It’s always been that way, it’s no bug (or the bug always was there).

Thanks to the new werewolf war boost (100% fear), all beasts will run away from an attacking werewolf’s howl.

Exception: if an Howl beast howl’s, it will not run away as long as the howl effect remains active. I have not tested this with Growl and Ceres beast, but I’m guessing it works the same way.


I don’t think this is a bug? Maybe it’s intended and I like it. It’s funny to watch. ?



You may like to see a celestial Phoebe running like a crying baby. I just stopped to play and cant hold a loud laught. Very comical

I got Horkos Dominance. Its ability is intimidate. While  attacking the Defence Beast i can see blue aura surrounding the beast. Is it normal for beast to get intimidate or is it a  visual bug.

the only aura that effect beast is intimidation so no it is not a bug the beast got intimidated 

Thank you