Defense beast spawn time

Defense beast spawn time

I’ve noticed that they usually spawn around 1:20 - 1:30 min mark when I raid. When I test my own base it spawns when the time is less than 1 min left which is not effective.

Can you explain? What determines defense beast spawn time and why it varies?


It spawns at the moment you get 1 crown in the battle (25%)

Thanks for your reply. Do you know what determines that 1 crown or 25%? I’m asking this because when I test my base, my beast/phoebe spawns after I destroyed more than 60% of my buildings and when I’m half way thru to the castle.

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  On 8/24/2018, Madlen said:

Hi guys, I felt looked at (looking at you @JiggleFizziks :grinning: ), so I checked with devs.

The first crone comes after you have destroyed about 30% of the base. When that 30% is reached, depends on the number of towers.

The first beast always spawns with the first crown. That happens at the same time.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link, Madlen, but still does not make some sense. I have tested my base multiple times and as I have stated it spawns after I destroyed more than 60% of my buildings and when I’m half way thru to the castle. Therefore 25% or 30% is not accurate or does not apply to all the raids.


It is accurate.

Is it just me… or that Wikia page doesn’t mention in any way when the beast appears?

I’ve read it 2 or 3 times, but it’s just so confuse…

Maybe it would be cool to add that info there?

Go for it! We need all the help we can get!

If you check my hero location above I have reached around 50% of the map

Refer to my map below,  I have 22 towers +16 traps = 38. I destroyed 24 of them. How can this be 25% or 30%?



Check the link I posted above and do the math.

24 / 38 = 0.63

0.63 x 35% = 22%

All those defensive structures are roughly equivalent to 22%. If you add a few more % from the path and you got your 1st crown.

And btw, not all defensive structures are worth the same. I think that depends on the gold spent on each of them.


That’s because it hasn’t really been updated since before beasts were a thing. :wink:  

You need to take into account that 50% is the full path and 50% only for the gate 

If you don’t destroy the gate (like for example it has just 1hp) you will get 75% more or less

and the last 25% if the gate is completely destroyed.

Imo this % thing is quite confusing but well if you know how it works it’s ok


Ok, I’ll add it to my 99999 “ToDo’s list” lol



This is my normal raid to other player and let’s compare this to my base.

I destroyed 19 towers/obstacles and reached about 45% of the map

19 / 38 = 0.5

0.5 x 35% = 17%

Anyways the difference between those 2 results is about 5% so it’s NOT accurate. 


i think he don’t understand how that work :slightly_frowning_face:

Continue to explain to him. Over time he will understand. To be honest I have no clue how someone can explain more in details than ARREBIMBA did

What do you mean I don’t understand how that work? How can I be wrong when I used the same math he used and there’s about 5% difference between the two results?

The only thing you have to understand is by example

a Bomb Tower level 1 can be 0.10% and a Bomb Tower level 12 can be 2.34%. The level of each tower make % different

So if you reach 50% of the map and don’t have gain the 1st crown its because probably you have face a low player with low Tower.

compare the result with a player with tower level 1 and 2 and a player with tower at level 10+

you will see the one with higher level will give you the 25% exactly at 25% or close

all depend of the % and level of each tower and traps,etc…

So a level 80 par example who have 14 towers at level 5 you can reach 50% before get 25% because his tower is low in level

So a another level 80 par example who have 14 towers at level 14 you can reach 25% and got the 1st crown

All depend of the level and the % each give

 its the main reason why some do a straight open path because you need to reach close the gate before Phoebe go out. Some player didn’t know this and go ahead and be kill by Phoebe by surprise

Like Alumbi explain its 25% to destroy the gate. 25% to reach the gate and 50% for the path

That does not many any sense. Two players with 38 towers and obstacles/traps.

Let say player 1 has 38 level 1 bomb towers and player 2 has 38 level 12 towers. How can you complete 100% for each player?

its not complicated to understand. If you take my base by example you need to reach close 75% of the path before the beast come out. Because my tower is low level. So the % is low and player get 25% at 75% of my path. Eventually if I continue to level up my tower. The Beast will come out more earlier at 50% of my path. If I continue to level up my tower. The beast will come out at 25% of my path

We told you its all about the % of each towers and traps

I have 18 towers and 14 traps. So you need to destroy 75% of them to have 25%. Because the total of them need close all of them to be destroy before get the 1st crown.

If in few weeks I upgrade them at level 15+ all. The % will be higher. So the beast come out more earlier because you will get the 1st crown earlier


To be honest, you don’t really need to know the numbers of when Phoebe comes out. He comes out when he’s ready lol. Typically, at my level at least, players will base their defense setup off where Phoebe comes out, in order to know where to create a chokepoint that is deadly. If you look at the minimap before the attack it’s usually very easy to know where Phoebe is gonna come out of the gate. I’m never surprised by the timing at all

Not necessary. at 130 he should be but not necessary. I have see some level 110 with tower at level 1 or level 5. When you raid if they are black probably. White or grey are low