Defense Boost Event on Thanksgiving?

I love the boost defense event, and appreciate that you’re offering on. But you’re offering it to all us US players on Thanksgiving, the one day when no one is home and those who are home are cooking for their guests.  It would be nice if you were to start if Friday, or make it a 48 hour event, so that we in the US can participate more.

Regardless, thanks for the event.  It’s one of my favorites.

lol that proof I don’t care about this day lol I never know the date. I just check on google and in Canada was in October 10th and US November 24th. Interesting I was sure that was the same for everyone like Christmas or Halloween and I was sure that was around December 15th near Christmas. that means movie and serie in TV lies? because in each movie and series I watch celebrate Thanksgiving in Christmas with Christmas decoration and all for me its logic to do that around December 20th. in November? weird O.O 

Good to know!!! and people really do something this day? I thinking this special day was dead like Halloween. Here in Quebec Halloween and Thansgiving its dead we don’t celebrate that kind of special day maybe some do it but rarely. Maybe just Christmas,Easter and we have special event in June 24th for us

I found on google Thanksgiving change date each year its weird. from 2010 to 2020 its not the same date and depending of the place. The list I found its for Virgin Islands and for them thanskgiving its December 1st in 2016 and in 2017 november 30th

I check on the calendar and seem to be the last Thurday of the month of November.

but why in November no sense at all. Its like do parade of Santa Claus in November for me no sense at all. I never get it why celebrate Christmas stuffs in November. In December yes but not in November

cool I have learn something new. Interesting…

I push my research further and find this : ''Thanksgiving was founded as a religious observance for all the members of the community to give thanks to God for a common purpose

Ok that explain why here where I live we don’t celebrate that. We are not really religious and when we read the wiki that said its a part of Holiday with Christmas and New year. Its not really related with Christmas. That seem movie and series in Tv lies about thanksgiving

interesting… I never know that : thanskgiving its more thant just a diner with family but also a thankgiving Day Parade with large balloon of cartoon and parade floats with specific theme,etc… televised by NBC in New York,etc…




Well it’s just your bad luck, flare  can’t  change  as it would set a  precedent,  everyone would want events moved. 

This is probably one of the most coveted holidays in the US.  Trumped only by Christmas.  It’s unfortunate for you that you don’t get to partake in it.  Lots of great food and family comes together and then lethargy sets in followed by crazy people who want to go shopping on Black Friday.  Anyways, don’t knock our holiday, I don’t knock Canadian Bacon day or whatever you celebrate.

Thanksgiving is a harvest festival, but we have it later than the harvest in the US because of … I don’t know. For my family members who live tens of hours apart Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only times we see each other each year.

It is a major holiday in the United States, one of two that are focused on the home and family getting together. We travel, sometimes across the country, to be with family and have a big dinner with them. It is a national holiday, and we generally eat turkey with stuffing and various vegetables.

The reason you see Christmas stuff in the movies is that over the past 50 years or so the Friday after Thanksgiving is the start of the Christmas season. It is called “Black Friday” because there was so much shopping going on that retail stores relied on it to get their balance sheets positive, or “in the black.”  Over time Thanksgiving has become the traditional start of the “holiday season” in the United States, ending with New Years Day.

On a separate note, Happy Thanksgiving Day! Enjoy the feast.

I generally agree, but just like I wouldn’t start one on Rosh Hoshana or Easter, they probably shouldn’t have started this one on Thanksgiving.  I expect that the US has the majority of RR2 players.

Thats right! We love our holidays. We work way too much to not have free time nor free health care, nor a pension for everyone. 

But please dont be ignorant, Canada has more holidays and more time off than we do in 'merica. And they have free health care and everyone has a pension and a social security. 

shit happens … :grinning:
…but seriously, I had last event on celebration of ending WW I … My country celebrets this day after 123yers of not being on the map…

so :grinning:  
Why not leave it all and move to Canada

Nothing is free

Seriously considering it.

Enjoy your tax dollars being spent on other things besides healthcare. And maybe you arent on the side of getting taxed because you dont work or you find loop holes in the system by avoiding to pay taxes. If you believe in the system, you pay your taxes. Freedom aint so free right? Neither is healthcare in 'merica. 

I call bull**** when our families cant afford hospital stays. Enjoy your 25k a night hospital stays for a broken leg or a heart attack. Pretty sure you would like to inherit that debt and your children’s children. 

I work in the healthcare system, its a crock of sh*t when people are too scared to see their DR. because of the bills. People come in and tell me,  “I thought itll heal on its own.” Yes, your broken ankle will heal but you wont have 100% use if it. Then it goes into why you dont exercise? “My ankle never fully healed.” No sh*t son! You can’t run because your ankle isnt healed properly. 

Dont get me wrong, i love this country but there are some things that we all shouldnt have to worry about. 

So tell me why you are loving 'merica?

Obviously. You want to get philosophical on me, go right on ahead. Itll get you no where. Time is money and money is time. Walking down the street is time. Blah blah blah. 

This started as a joke about canada bacon…

You turned it into a USA heath care debate.

I hope they do fix what is wrong with our health care system in this country and I also  hope you do stay in this country. Abrada  doesn’t live in the USA DrStrange. 

Whatever  is wrong with our country DrStrange, I believe we both love her and this being a international forum most of the people here probably log in to discuss the game more then this.

I don’t think so Pete. I know we probably generate a lot of revenue for Flare, but this game is played in a lot of countries and the only fair thing is to stay on the system they have.

But, I like being ignorant, it suits me.  I’m just giving him a hard time for knocking Thanksgiving.  I plan to eat a lot and watch the Redskins beat on Dallas :slight_smile:

Give him a hard time! He doesnt speak for all Canadians as I know a few who do celebrate Oct 10 Thanksgiving. I feel bad for canadians for losing their roots. 


Cowboys can suck my…

They can, but the question remains, would they really want to…

Can I like this post anymore… not, but I really wish I could.  In all seriousness though, I actually feel a bit bad for Romo now and that kinda scares me =/

Each country has its own holidays, less common, more common, spread throughout the world or not and I think you shouldn’t expect Flare do change it whenever it suits you. Last year we had a war season during Christmas I believe, it was a hard time for those who celebrate but not everyone celebrate it and it should be respected. Though, everyone loved those daily Christmas presents we received, right ?. Game is a game, real life is real life, we cannot take 100% from the game if you still want to participate in your real life ;-)  The game has its own schedule and it is obvious that not always certain individuals or communities will be able to take part in the game fully.

Anyway, enjoy your Thanksgiving, it comes once a year, defense events come much more often :slight_smile: