defense calc bug

we have 3 players fighting 3 players all with 300 troops

as you can see our defense rating is  80% added to total troops then dropped by 80% again.

should be 960 by my calculation?


Sketch (49).png

I can explain. Their troops are 1200. 1200/0.8 = 1500 Attack rate. 

We have researched defense rate +5. 900 + ((3*5)*0.8+ = 912

So far clear. 


3,5 what? you are using the defense modifier to infer attack result.

if that’s the case you don’t need an attack modifier but they do have one?

LOl you know what I am sure its some upside down calc that only benefits the devs. and is clear as mud to everyone else.

Sigh… I am almost done with this game and the lack of so much.



3.5 must be number of players times attack rate bonus. So 3 * 5. 

Our defense modifier influences their attack rate. and their attack modifier influences our defense rate. So 900 / 1 = 900.  

It’s quite crazy. It would be better to give the formula for defender plus attacker. 

According to me it is. (They attacked us, so they are attacker and we are defender.

  • For attacker :
    • (<Troops> + <Players>*<Attack rate>)/ <Terrain defense> => (1200 + 0) / 0.8 => 1500
  • For defender
    • <troops>/ (Terrain offense) + (<players>* <attack rate> *<terrain defense> => 900/ 1 + (3*5)*.08 => 912

Maybe the formula is incomplete or incorrect. That only determines the attack and defense rate. Number of skulls depends on time. It’s up to keenflare to give us the formula, but I doubt we will get that formula.

Its nuts if that’s the case as the inferred strength is categorically wrong.

if attack is 1.1 and defense .9 then any rational person would say I am 10% less and they are 10% stronger.

but by what you are saying they are 121% in fact ….and the other 90

That would make the values obtuse and worthless unlees your personally calc each tile … oh wait I just wanted to play a honest game?

@Dena4 any formula on how to calculate the war score (blue/red bar)?
It seems those numbers are gradually decreased over specific time.
In this case (see SS) blue score seems decreased a bit faster than red score.
I assume for each 1 sec = -1 war skull point, but I may be wrong.
If the formula found, we can predict when will the current running war will be over (faster than 24h)
* See the skull points decreased after 1 min (SS)

That’s the part of a secret formula which keenflare only knows. You are correct that time already passed influences the supreme victory (less skulls required) , but I have no idea how they calculate it. 

A war starts with 23:30 as time. At that moment still 91% of total remaining. But for the rest it’s a secret part of keenflare. We know that troops, terrain modifier and so on are part of it, but that’s all we know. 


So it looks like both factors to both sides… what a wacky idea.

I mean I don’t think anyone could make it more obscure or unclear.

even the data is wrong participating is 1500 for attack+ bonus x .7 is 1085 rating

Groan I really just don’t get them its just a completely disjointed view of anything. If they were troglodytes I would maybe understand.