Defense Design Challenge - Find Athena a New Home

Greetings Mortals!

It’s been a long and busy time since we last had a competition for Olympus Rising, so time to break the trend!

With version 5.2.0 we will be changing the way that Heroes are unlocked. Instead of simply Unleashing them in the Hero Temple when you have enough Dominance, you will discover Heroes on islands as you unlock Island Areas. Beating them will unleash the Hero and they will join your team.

Most of you will already have the Heroes unlocked, but you can still make your mark on the new feature, via this competition.

We would like you to design Athena’s defence. Create a viable defence, themed around the goddess Athena, with suitable decorations and with Athena as a Hero Statue. Explain to us why you think this defence suits the Goddess of Wisdom and War, and why you think your defence should be chosen.

We will choose one overall winner, and two runners-up.

  • The winner receives 3000 Gems.

  • Two runners-up receive 1000 Gems.

  • The winning defence will also either be translated directly into version 5.2.0 for Athena’s island, or be used as an inspiration for her in-game defence.

We aim to announce winners and distribute prizes in the week beginning 30th September, but this is not a guarantee.

How to take part:

  • Use one of your Defense Slots to create a defence themed around Athena.
  • Take a screenshot of Mount Olympus which shows your whole defence, including any decorations in your defence (you do not need to include your Acropolis).
  • Take another screenshot which shows your name and the defence in the “Test Your Defense” screen.
  • Post the following into a single post in the dedicated thread here: Defense Design Challenge - Post Your Entries Here!
    • Your in-game name typed out in full.
    • The two screenshots mentioned above.
    • A list of up to 4 units which should be included in the Defense Waves (do not list out exact defense waves!).
    • A brief explanation of why you think your defence best represents Athena.

The rules:

  • The competition will end on 26th September 2019, and I will close the thread some time after midday (12:00 BST) on that date. Once closed, no new submissions will be accepted.
  • Do NOT edit your post once you have posted. Edited posts may be disqualified. If you do need to edit your post, please inform me (@CaptainMorgan) via a direct message.
  • Both screenshots mentioned above, as well as your explanation and your in-game name must be in the same post.
  • If you do not have Athena unlocked, any Hero can be used as the statue, and you can still take part.
  • Only one entry can be made per player.
  • You cannot enter by proxy, meaning: you cannot have someone post your entry for you, and you cannot enter on behalf of others. Only one entry will be accepted per forum member.
  • Winners and runners-up are decided entirely at our discretion.
  • Winning does not guarantee that your defence is used in-game, particularly if no viable defence is found. This is entirely at our discretion.
  • Failing to comply with any of the above rules will disqualify your entry.
  • We also reserve the right to disqualify any players who we think are breaking the spirit of the competition, at our discretion.