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  • A brief explanation of why you think your defence best represents Athena.
  1. Archimides in game name

  1. Some of Athena’s symbols, are the snake, helmet, armor, spears and medusas. So the obvious choice for her troops, where Spearmen, Warriors, Medusas and Hydras. She is also carrying her “Medusa” shield for the same reason. The wings are just too cool.

  2. She was the favorite daughter of Zeus, therefore Zeus is looking after her. The statues of Cerberus in the middle symbolize how she is being watching over her,
    Heracles was her half-brother, so naturally he is also watching the gates before the bridge.

Everything else in the map, was perfectly aligned and symmetry was a key, as she was also the goddess of Mathematics (among other titles). You can see also an “infinite sign” drawn by the path.

-> You should choose this lineup, because we need this kind of maps once in a while for Odysseys or her island unlocking task.


P.S. Given this opportunity, I would like to ask for a “set defence layout button”, while working on a particular defense layout. The statue is not selected until you choose it. Same way, I should be able to switch layouts and test them, but set one of them, as my defense layout when I want to, not when I select it just to set it up or even test it with my hero. As it is now, as soon as I select it, its setup, even if its empty.

  • IGN : The Sicilian

  • The units I have chosen are: the archers and griffins that lighten the enemies and the warriors with the sirens that slow down.

  • I thought of a defense that best represents Athena as a bedlam all structured on lightning damage with the helio tower in the center and the illuminated apollo towers … from afar you can see the obelisks dedicated to heroes fallen into the enterprise. Cerberus and Heracles guide the heroes all the way.
    In the first phase we are ferried by the charon represented by the three towers … in the second phase we must face the infernal burning balls of Prometheus … the third test is the call of the hydra … and finally we must overcome the wrath of Poseidon. if you succeed in the enterprise then it is time to challenge Athena and its lightning protection … but beware of the nyx tower that will charm you.


IGN : :unicorn: Unicórnio Br :rainbow:


Athena was the Greek goddess of wisdom and the arts. The Romans called her Minerva. It was conceived of the union of Zeus and the goddess Métis. She was a virgin goddess, beautiful protective warrior of her chosen heroes and also of her city Athens.
My defense is called Athena’s maze.

I tried to make the map snake-shaped and as a troop I placed the spearman, nymph, medusa and hydra and placed the towers as beautiful path and placed the statues of her brother hercules and finally until reaching the goddess Athena for a final fight until death.

  • In Game Name: NaN
  • Layout:

  • units:
    griffin, siren, hydra, medusa
  • brief explanation:
    you can see from her unique items that she has wings and a trophy shield from the slaughtered medusa, as she guided perseus when he did this. she is also godess of wisdom, strategy and fight.
  1. so i wanted to show the conflict between this as a kind of fight between “good” (heaven, wings, lightning,…) vs. “evil” (hell, snake, poison,…). therefore i choose towers that are kind of the oposite of each other and representing this two sides. in addition the symbol of the path can also either be interpreted as a ligthning bold or as a snake symbol. the 4 units shall also represent this fight by their abilities and power/weakness when it comes to resistances (griffin and siren both are related to the lightning side but vunerable to poison, and medusa and hydra as they clearly represent the oposite and can be found as said on the unique trophy shield)
  2. the layout should not too hard for players at this stage of the game (so i did an autoplay test with the hero before athena, jason) but not too easy and you should pay attention to resistances (but they want focus you too hard. i avoided groupings of one kind of damage source and kill corners or using nyx on its full potential)
  3. the layout should also be scaleable (if not all path tiles, towers, barricades are max. available for the players level) and still the fight good vs evel and the symbol can be drawn as it is also kind of symmetric.
  4. i did not use many decorations: only the heracles statue as there is also a snake symbol and the two heros are also related to each other. i would loved to plant some olive trees in the defense, but this is not allowed :frowning:

My IGN is Handsome Harry

I believe this layout best represents how Athena - the god of war and strategy - would have defended her home city state, Athens.

Athena is said to be able to use Zeus’s bolt of lightning and to carry a shield that, according to some myths, had a Gorgons head in the middle of it. The Gorgon’s head of course had a full head of snakes. She also reared Ericthonius, son of Hephaestus. And he himself was half man and half serpent. Therefore, both lightning and serpent/snake would be incorporated and would play important roles in the defense layout.
According to Wiki, her major symbols include owls, olive trees, snakes, and the Gorgonein, but was also often depicted as holding a spear. These facts then must be taken into consideration when choosing the units to be used.
One of her unique gifts is her wings, which the Griffin is the only unit to have, in addition to also using lightning. So for these reasons it follows that the four units would have to be the Griffin, the Gorgon, the Siren, and the spearmen.

The map’s layout/path is in keeping with the serpent theme and looks like a coiled snake with two Hydra towers at the head of the path representing the serpents head. The parallel paths also make it possible for the Griffin to be able to leap over from one path to the other.

For the reasons and attributes already explained, the maximum number of Apollo and Hydra towers are incorporated into the layout.

According to Wiki: She was believed to have aided the heroes Perseus, Hercules, Bellerophon and Jason. For this reason there are two statues of Hercules fighting serpents near the entrance to the bridge.

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I’m game name: OdinRises
Units: griffin (because she is the goddess of birds), Medusa (because she helped Perseus slay by giving him the mirror shield), the serpent ( which aids Medusa) and her trusted spear men.

I created a layout which pays homage to the great owl with the Nyx towers as eyes and the Helios tower to help Athena see further with her blind eye. As you get past the owl you go into the serpent with Death for eyes (Charon towers). I paid tribute to Heracles with his two statues at the end of journey.


IGN - Philstar

Units: Warrior, Archer, Medusa, Griffin (all blessed for additional elemental damage)

Why this layout?
The layout has been chosen as it represents a version of the hardest base layout possible and is very common in the League of Titans. To win Athena who is regarded as the strongest OR hero you must gain courage, use both wisdom and strategy. Units have been chosen as they give collectively all 5 possible damage types (phys/ice/fire/poison/lightning) and collectively provide a challenge as they attack in both melee and ranged combat. Towers also give a combination of all 5 possible damage type. Ornaments include her sibling Heracles, her father Zeus, and also many pillars representing wisdom. Statue of Athena also has all 5 resistances. Tower level can be modified according to player ascension level.


IGN : Arte_mus © IS

Metis, daughter of Ocean (towers of Poseidon) and first wife of Zeus represents reason and intelligence; fearing the prophecy of being dethroned by one of his progenies, the king of gods devoured his wife while pregnant of Athena. Still, when Hephaestus broke his head with an axe (Artemis towers and Apollo’s, from the headache afterward) she was born in a midst of lighting and thunders.
Armed with helm, spear and her aegis with the horrible head of the Gorgon Medusa (the path resembling a snake) which, before being cursed (Hydra’s tower for the poison of envy) had the most beautiful hairs.
The Goddess Athena thus, is truly her father’s daughter, bellicose, even able to handle her father’s bolts (Fist of Athena) on the war field, a strategist (Prometheus’ towers on the last part of the path as coup de grace), but also very generous; the evergreen olive tree to the Athenians, from which come many other gifts (wish that trees were allowed on the path). Athena always has along her owl (that I love), able to see even in the darkest night (Helios tower).

Troops: warriors – spearmen – gryphons and phoenixes

kiss Kiss Artemus <3


IGN - StrongGod

This defense beautiful and strong like Athena:)
Defense layout in the shape of a cross, because Athena with wings resembles the shape of a cross.
Lightning damage (like Athena’s main skill) is the main difference between this defense.
Athena is protected by four types of troops: Griffins (lightning damage), Sirens (lightning damage), Archers (lightning damage), Medusa (like on Athena’s Unique Shield).
If you don’t have protection from Lightning, it will be difficult for you to reach the Athena’s statue.

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  1. IGN - sj King

  2. UNITS - Griffin, Siren, Warrior, Spearman

    Like all the Olympians, Athena was an immortal goddess and could not die. She was one of the most intelligent and wisest of the Greek gods. She was also good at war strategy and giving heroes courage.

Athena’s special powers included the ability to invent useful items and crafts. She invented the ship, chariot, plow, and rake. She also invented many of the skills used by women in Ancient Greece such as weaving and pottery.
She’s the queen of Lightning & also her special power is lightning… so I used this setup and troop to the center of lightning.


IGN: Dheth

The layout tries to resemble the temple of Athena Nike, in Athens.
Beautiful battle scenes adorn the fieze of the temple, that you can’t see because the screenshot is taken from above (but they are great, trust me!).

The temple is also known as Nike Aptera. It means Wingless Victory. Which fits, as the statue at the end of the path has never found her wings in over two years. You may think … it’s a statue, doesn’t have many chances of going around and look for wings … besides perhaps for the pigeons.

But not even her guards were lucky in this task. Gorgons, with which she shares the divine eyes. Cyclops, with which she may or may not share some genetic. Gryphons, the big uncles of her little bird. And the Hydras, which keep following her half brother since a while.


I call this “Shining light”
Because she’s so lovely she just needs some sun.
Units are whatever you want,man.


IGN: Tomaxolympus

Two of Athena’s major symbols are owls and snakes.

Owl’s head anatomy
Nyx Towers: Big eyes with large corneas and pupils allow for a huge amount of light to enter the eye, giving owls incredibly good night vision.
Apollo Towers: Owls are far-sighted and rely on bristles around their beaks to sense nearby objects.
Helios Monolith: Their beaks are short, curved, and hooked for gripping prey.
Artemis Towers: Facial discs, stiff feathers that surround their eyes, reflect sound toward their ears.
Iapetos and Prometheus Towers: Pronounced supercilium (or eyebrows) give them a stern an wise expression.
Barricades: Plumicorns (or ear tufts) are only feathers and have nothing to do with hearing. Their function is to show expression, like our eyebrows. Ear tufts allow them to look larger and more threatening when showing aggression. They also serve to lengthen the owl when it sits against the trunk of a tree so that it blends in and resembles a bulge on the tree.

Griffins exhibit the owl’s wings.

Medusas, Hydras and Hydra Towers represent the snake.


IGN: Valkrysseur

Athena is the godess of war and artists, so i used one single tower of each type because a good war leader don t rely on a single type of damage to wipe out his ennemy.
All types of unites should also be used.

If you manage to go through her defense, you will see nicest art (statues) to welcome you before you fight her.

ps: i add to delete previous post (empty one with only my name). Is it OK ?

Edit: added screenshot sent via PM

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I believe you need a second pic. They might disqualify you for not including the second one. You haven’t much time to get things right.

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IGN: Eeestil

The goddess of wisdom, crafts, justice, and war, she is often associated with a shield for war, the owl for wisdom, or the olive tree. When Athena and Poseidon vied to be the patron of a prominent city, they held a contest to see who could give the city the finest gift. Poseidon provided a well, but it produced salty water. Athena gave the olive tree that provided food, oil, and wood. The city took the name Athens.

In addition to sponsoring warriors and heroes, she introduced many skills necessary for civilization. In an unusual but not unique birth, she sprang from Zeus head fully grown and ready for battle. Legends say that Zeus had prevented a normal birth of a son with Athena’s abilities, who he feared would unseat him. Although she was a protector of human heroes, she maintained a distance from male gods whom she perhaps found unworthy of her. Athena’s companion was Nike, the goddess of victory.

I dedicate this defense layout to Goddess Athena as I find this layout cool,tough and hard to crack. Charon towers in Helios light will spawn sirens and other units while units from defensive wave will engage the foe.

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