Defense Design Challenge - The Winners!

Hello Olympians,

Some really awesome in-depth entries for this competition, so it was hard making the final choices. It definitely made us feel guilty that we couldn’t choose everyone. As such we will be awarding an additional runner up place, for a total of 3, and also giving each person that made a valid and acceptable entry an additional 500 Gems as a thanks for taking part.

So without further ado, here are the three runners up, winning a total of 1500 Gems each:

  • Tomaxoolympus
    Such an awesome defense to look at, with its carefully reasoned owl imagery. We found the artistry behind this entry just excellent, and the reasoning behind it really interesting.

  • NaN
    It was incredibly close when choosing the final winner, and this is really apparent when reading through our reasoning for the final decision, and your reasoning for your entry. We were very impressed with your attention to the needs of balancing and scaleability, as well as creating a really clever and poignant setpiece of a war between light and dark, and imagery which can be interpreted in multiple ways. We’ll think about the olive tree hint… :wink:

  • The Sicilian
    We really enjoyed the idea of an odyssey-like journey through your defense, starting with being ferried by Charon, to your death. The storytelling aspect is really strong, and the focus on lightning and Athena’s family ties were really cool.

And the overall winner, who will shape the face of Athena’s defense in all future versions of the game, as well as winning a total of 3500 Gems:

  • OdinRises
    We really wanted something which works as a high end base, but is not overwhelming. This is a solid defense, not over-powerful, but still challenging and easily scaleable. The owl and serpent imagery is abstract, but still apparent, creating a striking and awesome-looking path, but meaning that the strength of the defense is not completely sacrificed for the aesthetics. The reasoning for the choices you made is spot-on and we loved the subtlety of your references. The final defense in-game will be almost identical, with some very slight changes to tower configuration for balancing purposes. Well done!

Here are the remaining players which will win 500 Gems each. We loved them all!

  • Archimides
  • :unicorn: Unicórnio Br :rainbow:
  • Handsome Harry
  • Philstar
  • Arte_mus © IS
  • StrongGod
  • sj King
  • Dheth
  • Valkrysseur
  • Eeestil

Thanks again to all for taking part, you can expect your Gems to arrive today.

Hopefully it will not be too long before we can have another challenge.

- Your Olympus Rising Team


Thank you @CaptainMorgan :crazy_face:

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The rewards have now been given out. If you did not receive your prize, get in touch.


I’d like a similar contest in Royal Revolt 2 too. It’s very interesting and few months ago there was a war season whose special war season boosts have could make bases “immortal/divine/paradisiac/holy”.


thx for choosing also my post and for the gems (they arrived already). it was a fun contest also thx to your team and time considering player inputs.
gz OdinRises, you and your idea are now a part of the game! cool and also very nice layout you proposed. well done :+1:


congratulations to the Winners :slight_smile:


Thank you! Awesome contest!


Thanks! Yes the gems have arrived … I was pleased that you liked my idea… Congratulations at @Odinrises for the victory✌️! It was a great contest!