Defense Help

I’m really addicted to this game but I just cant get any further than where I am now and I need a better defense to get more gems so I can get everything I need to get back to the top, so please help:)

what level and trophy range ?


If the nick and the IGN are the same…I think his/her trophy range is 1600-1650…

First thing: I’m not an expert and I think to be one the worst “base layout” planner in the game!!  :slightly_frowning_face:

Early game, focus only on your blockades. Get them up to level 7, decent troops and wave morale. Dont waste much time on towers, you’ll get the better ones soon.

Some good advice here for lower level king

I personally think that I am a pretty decent level but I still cant find the right way to get any higher trophy rank than where I am right know but I just keep constantly getting attacked.

lol only a joke and only 1 is level 8 :slight_smile: