Defense maps not switching, at least, not for a long time

Why is it that when switching from one defense map to another takes a long time (seems to take more than minutes, more like hours, or maybe a day?).  Alliance members see map 1, but I have map 3 selected.

Real time chat shows it take a long time to change.

is there limit per day you can switch?   Or is this some other bug?

You have to quit the app for several minutes:


This still doesn’t make sense to me.

* I had map 3 selected for the last 2-3 weeks.  Been working well.

* I was leveling up a tower in map 1.  I’ve ONLY swapped back to map 1 to deal with the tower upgrades, and always switching back before leaving the app.  Never more than 2-5 mins on map 1.

* yet for whatever reason during this last war, map 1 is what’s left behind for many hours after I leave.  Coming back, still shows map 3.  Alliance members and enemies alike seem to see map 1.

Hi there,

I am moving this to the bug section / technical issues.

@Oveneith Is your bug similar to this?