Defense overpowered

I don’t know is it just me and my lousy skills but I cannot beat anyone with the decent loot.

Any thoughts?

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@buuks I’ve noticed raiding is significantly harder. The bomber boost has been great for defenses, and the defense ninjas are really strong.

When others complained that offense was overpowered I already said it wasn’t the case at all. Players first forge troops plus spells, last option is defensive structures. So it just looks like offense is overpowered.

Flares solution was adding an additional level plus recently added ninjas in defense and you know what? Since a few indeed are forging defense at the moment, the thing I predicted will come true. A true nightmare scenario will arrive in a few months since players start to work on defense. Bases get stronger and stronger.

A full maxed defense with forged towers can be a nightmare. Think on LT ripping your shield to pieces while a snake tower gives you a green shower. Or a bunch of skull towers (max range further than any troop or spell) aiming at your army. Or like this time, bomb towers shooting from out of range at your army that’s not even close to the hero.

Still… Drop trophies and keep your base semi open outside war season is best advice I can give you. Match maker thinks you are way stronger and gives no loot. This way by staying low you get more easy targets that give gold.  

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totally agree with you. I keep semi open my base already a month or so and my defence is still too strong even in war.






Can you accept PayPal Micky? I don’t have small change at the moment…

Yes I was one of the complainers. I also asked for the ninja defense feature. I like the extra tower level. The defense boost was a really welcome addition for below 4000 trophy kings. (There was never before areason to work on defense until everything else was maxed). Currently my main focus is to better my defense.


That is really good news. No point in working on defense if it was not possible to create a nightmare base.


So there is still a workaround for the problem - maybe your trophies are too high?

It look like the over powered defense problem is mostly experienced by the higher level kings (4500+ trophy level) where level 14 ninjas are waiting in defense and is near impossible to kill. My level 10 ninjas are still easy to kill. With so much difference between beginners, and old timers it is really difficult to get the balance right. 

So maybe Flare will introduce new levels on spells and troops - (something Dena4 also predicted).