Defense replay, Alliance Wars & pm

After all this time playing i decided to share some simple ideas for the game,

A major issue that i notice from the beginning and something that would make the game create a strong community is personal messages between players, sounds simple and i believe most of us have think of it but i don’t know how difficult is to implement in the game.

Another idea is having a replay of the defenses we made against out enemies…it could be last 5 or 20 like the heatmap not nesseseraly all.

Last its something about the new feature mode …alliances wars, i know its a new feature …and lots of small improvements can be done…but I’m talking about something more general, apart from the algorithm that decides the 4 teams that will compete …i believe a mechanic that ensures fairness should be implemented here …i will elaborate on that…

I’m an officer on Greek Army Alliance …when we are top dogs on a war group we trying to open way and reach the opposite team (on the other side of the map) because noone attack us and they focus on the team between…to do that we need to focus in one team (left or right) if we want to reach them fast…both situations seem unfair for one team… so we try to attack 1 island on each team and we get delay to reach far…i know war is not fair but, the way the system is, the best team can make one team of her choice disappear from the map even if the other team is the second best and trying hard. And I’m saying this from the angle of a strong team not a small one.

*plus a bright silver shield render would be great for the second place :slight_smile: