Defense review

What about reviewing the defense?

Wait. _ It doesn’t mean you need to add new levels for everything _. That is not the balance we ask for. Hope you got it. We hope it seriously.

Defense in this game is like mmm: crap?something useless?weak?something everybody can pass? Choose an appropriate word.

Even if it is forged to maximum the offense has always one more advantage.

Recently thanks to new updates a new tower (Lightning),a new spell (black magic),and a new unit (monk) were added. But i figured out (as everyone) that the combo monk and black magic can destroy every kind of defense. Now we don’t have a way to counter it defensively. Even if we remove the strongest troops from the path,enemies can easily use other spells to pass our bases (since those we put are mainly unboosted). I add saying Lightning towers can’t attack ghosts. So what is the concrete usage of it? Just to stun units? How can my defense counter the usage of black magic? Is there a way which make the defense unchanged but strong at the same time? No.  I challenge everyone to say otherwise. The offense is more privileged. 

This is a delicate matter. But i’m sure you got what i’m saying. Even top players are aware of this imbalance. We all would like to have a better defense. Obviously that’s depend on subjectivity. If you are stronger i cannot complain if you passed me. But this is the concept. Right now we don’t have a way on defense to combat a certain type of spells and troops. 

I think the defense should be reviewed. Just a little bit. Or keep privileging the offense so then what will be the point of having a defense in our kingdom?

Just add another level or two to the castle gate.

Then we have a few more towers/obstacles and hopefully a longer path.

The balancing in this game should be like clash of clans, where it’s always possible for the attacker to win if he plays perfectly but a small mistake or two can cost him the raid or at least prevent a full 100%.

The 100% raids should be rare, not common and routine.

At the top levels of play in clash of clans, getting 100% raids is a matter of sublime perfection which not even the top players can do too often.

You know that to add new levels for everything don’t bring anything good. Flare with this wish to show us its (fake) greatness and its (fake) attachment to their players did wrong completely. The latest updates are clear examples. 

Waiting snof and adju to comment that we don’t need defensive update

Come on man,i’m sure you as many top players would like to have a stronger base than the current one. You should know there are two component in this game:offense and defense. Seriously tell me where is the latter? 

In the suggestions & improvement section, see Nathan Mai’s Topic, Both share a similar view. I won’t like to see new levels, rather I would prefer something new or a new elite boost or war boost.

100% should not be rare! You surely don’t want to scroll & win. Now 100% with 30s + left is common so that’s Offense OP. I agree defense needs a revamp. Now even a blunder can win you a raid via insta-cannon.

Add a new boost for Paladins, Holy Spirit.   If these units would be affected by Black Magic, they are not copied and the Shadow Morale is wasted.  Holy Spirit units also do 300% damage to shadow units.  When this unit dies the “Holy Spirit” moves to the nearest allied unit.    Just a few Paladins placed right could be enough to protect your Ogres.

These are my suggestions along with Maerique’s Tar Pit Suggestion.

Old is Gold

Return to old school.

Redesign the defence with frost tower & snake tower with the support of frosters and skull tower.


Why does everybody talk of adding this and that? No, I won’t take it anymore. You put one thing, add another thing to balance. This game would become like an endless platformer. Just put a max limit on every perk just like scream has 100% max value. Anything above that would be counted as 100% only. This is the only way you can bring back the balance that you destroyed with those stupid uber items.

Errr well, I feel defense is shit right now.Open base and full base have no different except in CERTAIN WAR with CERTAIN WAR BOOST but I am willing to wait another 6 months when all top players will have about 45 forges on all of their towers and obstacle.

As well as that, I think that people are reluctant to have better defense because their sole focus is on raiding, thry forgot that it is a game of tower defense as well as reverse tower defense.

At the moment, you have clearly OP gears and spells.90% king speed for example allows you to hit 4-5 tower with one spell and fly above the frost trap, cancelling out the slowdown.I have today being raided again, by only monk and only knights.Both king wear at least 2 speed gears.

For me it makes average raider becomes unstoppable.People will say that these player deserve to win if they have such OP king but also they forgot that player who focus a lot on defense are not getting what they deserved for their defensive investment.

For me personally, I invested already almost 100k pearls in my base and still player from rank below 1000 win my base with ease.Obviously you can say that it is not forged enough but then again it never will be enough as you have some heavier forged base also going down with 30-40 seconds left.

In the past we have a balance where you can make only limited amount of mistakes or you end up scrolling/die.Now we dont have that, the room for mistakes are huge.We have also mostly below 10s left, but now like I said, a top base can fall with 30-40s left.

There is no balance.When you give offense the ninjas, the insta and uber chest while giving defense only +1 on levels, you cannot come and say that it is balance.

Overall I feel that we need defensive update but as well also, we need time to see how it goes when all tower and troops are forged more and more.Right now, my defense forged are at 15-20 forges on most towers.It is not yet top top quality but that will come.

Ideally I want for all of my tower and obstacle to be at max level and 45 forges each.I still have the barricade that needed to be max and all forges need work.

Having said that, I have huge doubts that 45 forges on everything will make a different, which is sad but we have to wait and see.

If they would have kept Ninjas in defense rather than offense, then maybe still defense would have been okay, in my opinion. Is it?

There is max perks, it just takes a long time and lots of pearls to get there (or gems to get there faster), Flare will happily take pearls off people who try to go above the limits and start perking at crazily small amounts at the end (0.01).  There probably needs to be more value in defending than just losing less gold, the gold will go anyway with enough attacks, even if they fail.  If the reward for defending was greater, than more people would probably perk their base accordingly.

One thing the perks has done is introduce an upper effective limit for the levels, e.g. adding 520 health to a level 13 Skull adds ~1.5% health, but if they add 20% health with another level, then the value of the perk decreases, until it becomes worthless.

Setting a limit is not a good idea.


Maybe a chest as people suggest but that can be abused, create fake account & raid your main account, you get a chest. Also I would not like to make trophy rewards even more steep. Losing 70+ trophies won’t be right.

It is a possibility that defense would be more balance if ninjas were added like it was in the event but you have to make sure as well that they are not OP by allowing them to appear too often.

3 times per attack would be fine imo, they are just pop up unit.Not included as waves as it was in event.

However it remain a theory

I know the perks have a limit. But imagine that you forge damage on sonic blast with those insane uber gears having sonic blast perk, it goes way too high. This should be capped to a max value IMO.

Sure ubers may have made some players who previously could not raid into ‘better’ players.  However, not all players, in fact hardly any have 75% speed and other items that make them more magical and lose that much less. 

The current fail rate on my base is around 50%. Does it need to be 100% fail w/o scrolls until there is balance?

i hope everyone on their soapbox whining about defense remembers this when uber LT’s become the new norm in an effort to … Balance.

In roughly 2 days, war will start and I expect to have less than a 5% success rate w/o scrolls.  Remind me again what we’re balancing or better yet why we’re asking for a punishment. 

My concern as discussed, Fii, is that FG has zero track record in being able to effectively balance. They aren’t even load testing the game and forecasting the compute/throughput requirements to be on the right hosting plan. It is a wonderful dream that balance will be achieved. I’m simply looking at how they might try to balance (based on past history) and don’t find it as something to desire. 

Max SB perked 14 times damage does 12,218. 2 pieces of gear added (near max 9350 range) does 15,486. So each max uber gear adds about 10-12 forges onto the gear.  They don’t all work this way, speed is an example, but it’s a sacrifice and the big difference is that you might clear 3 traps rather than 2 or take down the gates just a hair faster.  It’s certainly not god mode between 12k and 15k.

even if it went to 100k, there’s limited range that can be covered and you’d punish yourself at the gate with the slightest misstep trying to bring down ‘skill’ towers (yeah I’m still annoyed with our last ninja event)