Defense Setups... Should others be able to see setup

Ok, me and a few members of Seal have been talking about this issues for a little while now. When you click on enemies on your map, right away your able to see their defense setup. Why is that allowed? I can understand giving information like troops being used, or the number of each tower used so that the attacker is able to equip the right items for best results. But why should they be able to see you whole defense layout??? This is a game based on strategy, building a strong defense is part that. People, especially your rival/ enemy shouldn’t be able to see your lay out. Reason I’m saying this is because our members and other players work hard to build the best,  most strongest defense. It kind of annoying that players are able to attack us, then notice we have a very very strong defense, and after they lose just go and copy and take for their own. I’m sure many don’t care, and say this is only a phone game or whatever. Im just saying there are people that do put a lot of time and effort into them. Now with alliance wars going on, if really important to have a strong defense. Wouldn’t it be more fair to only allow alliance members to see defense set ups??

In the spirit of balancing the “game is heavily in favor of attackers and not defenders” part, I have raised this point earlier and I think it should be strongly considered.

We as defenders still cannot observe how a certain attacker took our bases down, why should attackers be able to see how my base is setup prior to attack ? There is no element of surprise for them that way.

I know this calls for a major revamp at interface level but the most interesting games thrive on their success from radical changes.

The copy pasting of defenses must stop or be slowed down at some point.

If some attacker really needs to get info on my base, he could - say, send spies, who will charge him/her gems (nominal amount ~ 5 gems) and give in return valuable information like the blessings I have, my tower and troop levels etc. But STILL would not show the exact setup because it can be screenshotted and shared with God knows how many people. I would ofc get a portion of these gems back. 


All i care is that i wanted to see if a player whom i attack is boosted or not in my main map.



During war its fine.