Defense Staging Area

Hello there,

I’ve had a secret wish for a while and thought I would finally share it with you all. :slight_smile:  I find that thinking through and trying new defense arrangements of my towers, path, etc. is extremely difficult. If I rearrange everything to try something new, and it turns out to be a total failure (happens to the best of us :grinning:  ), going back to what I had is nearly impossible. I can never remember exactly what I had, and even if I took a screenshot of it, it takes an inordinate amount of time to put everything back in place. So! This is what I had in mind…

If we could have a “staging area” (similar to what is available on many websites, where one can try new themes, etc.), where one could set up and try new defenses without actually changing their current castle defense. In the RR2 staging area, one could try out new arrangements of towers, troops, path, etc., without affecting the in-game layout of what they already have. Then, if one were to create a new defense they like, they could then “push” it to the “live” castle defense. 

To avoid abuse of having alternate defenses, I would suggest:

  • there be only one staging space available, and once pushed “live” it would reset to a towerless, straight path like when one starts a new game.
  • I would not suggest that we have multiple slots like in our hero’s closet as I would think a player could change their defense a number of times during conquest or wartime, and I could foresee some players abusing the privilege there.
  • To also help curb abuse, maybe have it cost something like 5 gems to “push it live.” 
  • If it were a singular space, solely for the purpose of testing new defense ideas, I personally would find something like that very helpful and incredibly useful.

So, those are my thoughts at the moment. I would love to hear what you all think! 

Thanks for this amazingly fun game, thanks for the great community you manage, and thanks for giving me a space to express my secret wish! :wink: