Defense Suggestions

Remember defending is not about killing the attacker before it destroys the tower. its about stalling till time runs out. im not saying spam barracades use powerful towers to make sure they have to destroy them. P.S Blockades are better than barricades LOL

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Frosters and high-hp monsters in your waves can considerable slow the hero down, as well as clever tower/blockade placement. E.g. have towers in outward corners - either the hero has to slow down, walk a bit more and deal with those or he risks that the towers might stay alive for quite some time, decimating (and slowing down) the raiding party.

Also, some troop combinations that might danger your hero’s or tent’s life can force you to slow down as you have to retreat to recover.


Though, the question is, what you want to achieve with your defense: If the hero dies and resurrects or scrolls heavily, you already get a bunch of gems as reward for your base. If you sell a few tropies for gems, it’s not that bad after all! :wink:

Also, I personally rarely use spells/resurrects so when I die, I usually give up and don’t get 100% either. :grinning:

On the other hand, of course, slowing down the hero/raiding party might force the hero to rush forward then, increasing the changes of getting killed then…

Although frosters are decent they have overpowered the scream so frosters don’t do that much to you

Not sure what scream boost you have, but I personally (and most players on the forums here) have 8 defensive waves, and each 18 seconds a new wave comes. Also a wave doesn’t always form a compact group due to different unit speeds and timings and path-overlap interference and delays etc… so if in every wave there is 1 or 2 frosters, I meet frosters a lot more often than my hero scream is ready, especially with path overlap!

Also in some cases, one might want to use it to remove mummy stuns.

In fact, I still find frosters quite effective from my recent raiding experience. Also, as the frosters prevent heal, they can force you to retreat and wait for heal spell when you’re injured, costing you even more time than just the movement slowdown alone.

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herosflorian…can u plz tell me how to sell trophies for gems… I m a windows phone user.


…mhm…I guess the main subject in this topic is not trophies selling but defense suggestions…maybe you could ask this in the gems topic or directly to heroesflorian… :grinning: