Defense too sucessful

If your defense is too imposing, no one attacks you at all.? This can be less advantageous than enemies who attack and fail.  Maybe there could be a trophy or gem or dominance award for every 4 or 8 hours that you haven’t lost a fight, thus benefitting those folks whose defense is never tested. Heck it could even stack the longer your streak goes.  Seems like a cool upgrade to me.  


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I can see that at the same time this is only going to apply to the alliances with all the boosts running which are pretty OP at the moment. This would just make those already on the top that much harder to reach and beat. 

It seems it is already the case. I think this factor was taken in account, but this should not happen often. At high level, almost players use gems power, so defense are very weak in comparison.

Battles do slow down a lot as you get into higher levels - I don’t attack nearly as often and don’t take risks due to the huge amount of trophies that will be lost