Defense Tower Level Bug

With defense OP topic I wanted to check my defense tower and right now I notice this?

level 15? Are you serious? Why in the hell my Lapetos have lost 2 level? My lapetos was level 17 and the game asked me to up to Heroes’ temple Level 11. Now its done. My Lapetos have drop to 15? What the hell this bug come from? Really? Now I must spend resources to restart over 2 levels? What this joke come from? How its possible? Can you fix that and regive me my level 17 please. Really frustrating you know to discover this

i was on the point to do level 18. Now I must close restart 3 levels? Don’t ask why this game dying with all the bugs that happen. I hope you understand my level of frustration is really high. Now i understand why my defense log was more negative suddenly than the normal. This bug have weaken my base.

What I should do now? lose 2 or 3 hours to try to retrieve my video who show that i have build the level 17 and try the support team if they can fix this? I know many have got this bug in the past with Barricade. So I wait here or try the support? Or they cannot do anything about this and I must restart level 16 and 17 and lose like 2 or 3 days for nothing. Well frustrating I don’t really want to lose my time with support problem they will not believe me,etc… so I guess I will focus to rebuild 16 and 17. No more choice I guess

Edit : I have spend resources and start level 16 again. in 4 days I will lose time to do again level 17. What a waste of time and resources. Worst bug ever

Post the video for sure if you have one. 

i can check all of them. Not easy with over 700 video on 3 HDD external but I have separate them by date and all to be more easy to retrieve. Once I find it I will post it on my youtube and post the link just to show that bug have remove 2 levels.Give me some time to find it

Edit : I don’t retrieve it but I know I have did it because at level 17 they ask to build Heroes’ Temple level 12 to be able to do level 18. That why my last video I have make was about Shrine of Power level 12 and others big building to hurry to up at Level 100 to be able to do Heroes’ Temple 12 and able to build 18. I have no clue why I don’t have it on my video maybe I have forgot to do them.

Anyway its not the end of the world. Just take 1 week to rebuild 16 and 17.


Hi Warriornator,

Thanks for posting this issue. We will look into it.