Defense towers layout issue

Hi Flare staffs, I want to ask whether or not we players can have several sets of layouts of defense towers? Just like these sets of armours that we can change just by clicking A ,B,C,D. It will be fabulous if we can define our own sets of layouts beforehead so that we can change which one we want to apply according to the alliance boost status.

Already asked in the past in huge number. Still ignored or without answer

Yep you have right a another wonderful feature OR have that RR2 don’t have :

Layout I,II,III so 3 way to build defense

Here in RR2 we should have A,B,C : One defense for outside of Event with no boost. B for War with boost and C during Conquest

a long time we wait for this…

Yeah, different layout for different events.

Another bonus of this feature allows you to build up towers on a separate layout so your #1 layout isn’t weakened, by a low level build or 2.

this topic always comes again, there are at least 5 others, this can be exploited, well look in the others…

Depend how the feature work. In olmypus Rising we have maximum 5 workers. compared to RR2. Gold need 2 or 3 days to be accumulated. Because there is have really limited fight per day like 10-12 at around 115k ( for a level 100 by example)

So same 5 tower at same time will take 3 or 4 month if not double to max them all. No exploit. Barricade have 28 level. Same in RR2 time you get all the gold and max them take over 1 year. So no exploit here and plus you punish yourself to weaken your tower if you change

If Flare don’t want to take any chance someone have 20 workers and upgrade 20 towers at same time. In RR2 we have event who speed stuffs. So I can understand the exploit. However people don’t have think Flare just have to allow upgrade in 1 layout at a time. if you use layout A and start a upgrade you are forced to stay at A until your defense tower is finish. You cannot switch between the others.This will give us what we want since many years and avoid exploit. You should choose a layout and upgrade it. 1 at a time. After when all your towers are maxed its not a problem anymore. Switch A,B,C will change nothing just more fun into the game

I guess you must play OR to understand how impossible is to do exploit anyway. People are afraid of this feature but its not the case

This should stay as it is, when your upgarding, building new towers etc. your base should be weakened. This is all part of the strategy of tower defense… Chose which tower to replace so your base take the least damage. Multiple path design are booring, it is after too easy to have always your strong defense… And to those who say it takes “too” long to actually make a new path… from the one you have at the moment… I can’t understand. The game is a tower defense you should be enjoying building path and taking time, making good or bad decisions, forgeting a tower this is part of the fun. And the solution of “freezing” the upgarder is bad. This means if you switch to your other layout you will have an infinite time before completing upgrade.

So your solution is not to be able to switch, but why sould you switch anyway? because the time you take to create the other path, you can use it to make it on your own defense. And if you missclick your blocked? Well this is just something to be even more lazy in game.

Well i agree that add to much problem to fit in RR2 I guess. Better to keep defense like it is right now.