Defense units guide for all types of players

There are 12 types of controllable units in Royal Revolt 2 and all can be used in defence/attack.But in this guide you will learn about how to use them in defence.

You will learn:-

•In which wave which unit is effective

•Which unit should be used upto which hero lvl

•Which monster unit is appropriate for defence/attack

NOTE:- In this guide stats of any units will not be given.


Unlocked - Troop Academy lvl 1

Elite Boost- Blazing Knight


Knights are useful for beginners and should be used in large amounts from lvl 1-20 after 20lvl Knights should be used in less number as your opponents will have unlocked fire storm which can defeat any number of knights in just 3 secs.

Strength-If you have max lvl knights, keep them with frosters at the last wave to slow down enemys.


Unlocks- troop academy lvl 2

Elite Boost - Power Archer


Archers are good range units for lane to lane fights but are weaker than arblasters.In beginning lvls keep them in the combination with knights but try to lvl them max to keep them in your higher lvls.If you have lane beside lane paths,keep them in starting waves.


Unlock-troop academy lvl 3

Elite Boost-Holy paladin


Paladins are tank units that can be used by any type of players(low/mid/high).Even a lvl 5 apocalypse can’t beat a group of max holy paladins!.Keep loads of them in your first 2 waves.


Unlock-Behemoth Chamber 1 (Dungeon)

Elite boost-Stunning Orge


Orges are tank and hard to beat(in max lvl)units.When unlocked a player should keep at least 2 of them in defence.They are useful in both defence and attack.There weakness is that a group of 5 arblasters can easily defeat a lvl 3 orge in 4 secs.


Unlocks-troop acedemy lvl 4

Elite boost-Dracofroster


Froster are good against almost all units especially cannons but don’t expect damage from them.Keep loads of them in your last wave to slow down enemies when there is less time.Only there elite boost (Dracofroster) deals real damage when it turns into dragon.


Unlock- Grotesque grotto (dungeon)

Elite boost- Gargoyle Nest (not its boost but is based on it)


Gargoyles are only defensive units and DON’T use them in battle.In one of your middle wave upgrade it to morale point 16 and keep 4 of them,its very effective.Gargoyles are hard to escape and can be escaped by wind boots or time warp scroll(there are many other ways apart from this.


Unlock- troop academy lvl 5

Elite boost- storm cannon


Cannons deal blunt damage and is effective against all defensive structures (not units).Cannons don’t attack units while raiding but can attack units in defence so if you have max lvl cannons with elite boost try to keep them in defence.while raiding cannons only attack mortars.


Unlock-troop academy lvl 6

Elite boost-Dracomancer


Pryomancers are tank units like paladins and keep loads of them in first wave.Pyromancers are effective against a enemy which uses cannons when attacking.Their eliteboost is similar to froster’s but more strong.


Unlock-Crypt of the living dead

Elite boost-surprise mummy


Mummys are good against units especially arblasters but they don’t attack towers.They spawn infront of the hero (anywhere in the path).If you listen to me ,their elite boost is useless.


Unlock-troop academy

Elite boost-Frenzy Froster Arblaster


Arblasters are modified archers and orges are nothing to them.They are good to be used in battles as well as defence.They are weak against mortars and strong against orges.


Unlock-Shape Shifter Hollow (dungeon)

Elite boost-Raging Wolf


Werewolfs are good offensive units and do good damage.Werewolfs have a special ability-when they reach there enemy the roar and activate the battle cry scroll on them,if any other friendly unit is near they also get affected by the the roar.While hearing his roar other units panic.


Unlock-troop academy lvl 8

Elite boost-Putrid Prowler

Mortars are good to use defence and is strong against arblasters.Mortars don’t attack towers,but their elite boost does and deals a lot of damage to towers in offence but their normal mode only attacks units.Keep them in any wave.They are the only units that a cannon attacks.Their strength:There elite boost have a HUGE range.

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