defense waves

Hi everybody, I am quite new to the game and need to understand how to change defense waves, how to add andare change soldiers. 

Thanks forse your help 

Your waves are developed in castlle guard, there you can upgrade them so you have more troops. By upgrading castlleguard, you will have more waves.


Thank you kii97, but can I change soldiers inside each wave ?

Si MISEBKING, pudes cambiar las tropas y elegir la que desees siempre y cuando hayas desbloqueado esa tropa desde la academia que desees equipar.

yes you can, if the wave have enough morale-points.

Here is the Total Beginner’s Guide to your question…


I realize this is an old question, from a year ago (about the time I was a brand-noobie).  But this may be useful to other new kings.  

to be exact its 2 years ago lol