Defenses too weak. When will it be adjusted?

Will defenses get a solid boost soon? As a high level player with mostly unique ubers and decent perks this game is really tedious.

I can beat anyone with a significant time remaining. Over the past months you have given the attacker both unique ubers AND insta troops while defenses has remained the same.

Where is the balance in this? I do understand that people would riot and cry if it became too hard. But please change it up. Now it feels like anyone can raid anyone and having a good Def or not doesn’t really matter anymore.

Post a few images of raiding the top bases first :slight_smile:

no more lvls plz…tired of looking at upgrades costng 15 million and taking 10 days…its silly



I agree defence is currently not so strong in many instances, but the trade off is skull gear in wars, once you remove many of the perks you have on gear to replace it with skull gear … defences get somewhat stronger… in fact war defences seem to get stronger come what may … can’t think why … I mean its not like they are adjusted by FG.

We are sitting duck if there’s no more levels, in the event.

Yeah, I like to see the defensive side of this. In my team we’re having a lot of boosts temporarily and yet every single player that played my base, won. I’m frustrated :slightly_frowning_face:  

Increase your LT & GT range of B lane

I posted many videos on fb a while ago. Are you really having a hard time raiding people since you are asking? 

Lts are not really a problem to beat at all…Long range or not. I actually enjoy the bases with crosstower lts they make my army stop so I can heal&shield  them to full strength before i continue my stomping.  They have so many weaknesses. 

What I’m talking about here is that the offense has received so many bonuses while the defenses has just been at the same strength and that isn’t very balanced now is it? In the last war seasons I’ve been running through max level alliances with alot of boosts and I generally have 90 seconds left of the raid. Its boring. The biggest challenge during a raid is basicly not falling asleep.

This is not me bragging about my gear or perks or bashing at weaker raiders. But the game is clearly unbalanced defense vs offense.  And I really hope defense will get tweaked. Not just 1 additional leven on structures but a new feature or a balancing fix.

Defense is tough enough, Flare! No need to change. I get a very good number of fails on my base (at 5500-6000 trophy range), and it doesn’t have boosted arbs or frosters or garg towers or any special war boosts except doom gate and a few pyros. Keep things as is. NO MORE LEVELS. Force people to be more clever with their designs, waves, and tower placements, and force them to perk the hell out of their towers more strategically. That’s what perking is for.


That’s what I want it too.

Waiting something new to happen.

We want something new & totaly different.

Flare do something different this time in the next update.

Make the defence a hell for us… Nu

Flare, give us varied gameplay, but don’t change the difficulty. The game is perfectly fine right now in terms of challenge. Always looking for new types of defense, though. I like being surprised (and losing, if something clever is done), but frustration is not fun.

19k damage on sonic blast, 9k damage on blizzard, shield with idk maybe 1k healing effect? Toxic with 3.8s slowdown, firestorm with 6.20+ range ? 

Tell me how offence not OP now

King with 75% speed ffs, cancel out froster and spikes slow effect.Insta troops rescuing the whole army, dont even mention ninjas.30k leadership and HP is a thing for level 110+ king I think.

Obviously in war everyone handicapped again, wearing 3-5 sp gears but war is 3-15 raids per battle and last for 5 days, returning every 5/6 days.Normal raids can be done all the time.

Ofc I dont want OP defence, but there need to be a balancing to some of the uber gears at least.The moment someone have 75% speed, he can beat max bade with only monk/knights and 3 offensive spell.This sounds very wrong to me, very very wrong even if only some can do this (for now)


Finally someone who gets it.  Defense might be easy with huge start morale and bunch of bloated perks, but where do you sit with 4-5 skull perks on.  The same people not scrolling on my base I meet in war are using 2-8 scrolls to complete.  But, yeah, let’s totally make it harder so everyone scrolls in and out of war.  Do people honestly enjoy when they lose 80% of their raids or have to revive every other raid… I don’t get it.  For me, the balance is there, almost half the time we’re in war where defense is naturally boosted by SP gear and whatever defense boost is part of the season.

I rarely scroll outside of war, but will in war for obvious reason, let’s call attention to this, even the slightest adjustment is going to have massive effects in war.

If someone wants to make raiding twice as hard as Shapeshifter Hollow 5. I say 5. Whenever Flare keeps it’s gonna be harder than 4. Then introduce elite boosts for firebolt,snake & skull tower. Walk in the park raids will go for a toss.

I am not saying a stargazer tower with 10% health or accursed tower with 5%. Something deadly will make trophies zoom.

Skull with 50% health boost & More Bombs in a Volley. Or a Firebolt with 60% health boost & AoE Type Damage. Snake Tower throwing out poison bomb constantly.

Then Defense is too OP people will say.

Maybe just as a suggestion for now, Ninjas won could appear with each wave? Just like how they appear in ninja missions.

Good to see UNDYING NORTH is still alive… I thought they died yesterday… didnt even congratulated Rl and APO… but im happy to see comments from NORTH players here… god bless NORTH

Double Post. Sorry!

I noticed they had 119 fiefs, how did that happen?

Because they lost to Apo and rl even when they had 1.5% extra loser bonus… even loser bonus cant help them… they are 1st alliance… who came to 119 after reaching 120… no other alliance lost fief after reaching 120

Always winning is not a fun any more.