Defenses way underpowered

Been playing RR2 for 4-5 years. Offense is about as overpowered now as it has ever been. This started with the introduction of advisors and has gotten worse as players upgrade their advisors. Prior to this, defenses were perfect. Players had gotten used to the fact that they weren’t going to beat every base. Now all the time spent maxing and buffing defenses doesn’t matter because your defenses won’t stop good players. Adding yet another lvl of defenses not an ideal solution because many new players will quit once they realize it takes so long to max a base. Better to just rebalance.

I also play for more than 3 years and I think the attack is very strong in relation to the defense of the players we have: animortal, guardian, ninjas to aid in attack, this leaves the defenses weak compared to the amount of help in the attack . when it was just the animortal and the ninjas were good to play, but they became very strong with the introduction of guardians in the attack.

At least they didn’t nerf half of the RR2 Universe… :wink:  

Not to mention the Phoenix Tokens! These things are ridiculous. When you defense DOES kill the king, BOOM, a rez token pops up and you get no gems. This needs to be changed. Resurrections was the primary source of gems in defense (though it’s not much) and now we don’t even get gems when we do kill the king. Token or no token, the defense should get gems

Do you remember the old Ceres combos (before 4.4.0) ?

Oh man… those were glorious. ?

Today’s offense pales in comparison.