Defensive Ninjas: spawn location

I believe it’s a bug, so I’ll post it here:

This is where each ninja wave spawns on a friend’s base:
Every 7 squares of the path = 4 ninja waves

And this is where my ninja waves spawn when I’m using that same layout:
Every 8 squares of the path = only 3 ninja waves

It doesn’t matter which layout I try, my base always has only 3 ninja waves
And even friends/alliance members with less trophies, lower level hero and lower level ninjas than me have 4 ninja waves
What is happening here?

I also remember some bases where a ninja wave spawn right in front of the gate
Which factor decides where defensive ninjas will spawn?


That’s interesting. 

Defensive ninjas (5300+) are really strong so losing a wave is a big deal. 

BTW I’m still having the same issue now with Yetis!!!

I Played the event on highest tier, got perfect score, and my base still has only 3 defensive waves of Yetis


You need higher alliance tower to get 4 ninja waves.


There isn’t any info about Alliance Tower being related to that