Defensive structures

Good morning, players.

I have to suggest a new defensive structure who may balance defensive system against powerful attackers. We have only three types of “traps and walls” to protect the castle. My idea is a little simple, but may be worked by upgrades, new units and events, like I want to explain down.

The new trap is the movin’ sands, or pitfall trap (name isn’t important, but the idea). That trap might slow down enemies who move on, making their movement speed down drastically, but depends of level of the trap.

Example: putting one of this trap near a snake tower, the enemies will take a lot of damage, trying to run out, like boosted spikes works, but isn’t using ice element or frozen state.

Obvious, that trap won’t work on mages, but may make trouble to then for elemental defensive imunity, making then attack a lot of times before destroy the trap.

At max level, this trap may reduce enemies speed movement by 60 or 70%, increasing chances of win by time. With a boost, this trap may summon a monster to be killed, like a scorpion king, giant scarab or something else (mummy?).

With this system, I hope it work well against all level of players, making attack more hard (and probally fun).

Resistante: I’m thinking about blunt (75%), pierce (75%), ice and fire (50% each).

Immune to: poison (poison damagers can’t attack or, in the case of forged mortars, deals blunt damage if aim other targets at same area). Same to sonic boom spell.

If cause damage, it may deal poison damage because I have ideas about monsters (scorpions, scarabs, mummies… all deal poison damage).

Now I’ll begin to think about an “anti-mage” trap hehehe.