Defensive troops

When looking at an enemies defensive troops is there an order they are listed? Say if they had mostly warriors would that be the top troop shown with least troops listed on bottom? 

I think it’s the total moral points of a troop that counts, showing what has most first, so if you have 1 phoenix (14moral), 2 griffins (24moral) and 4 archers (8moral) in your waves it ll show:

This is kinda off topic but does the list of resistances on the gk show the stronger ones first and the not as strong ones last? 


If your gatekeeper has 90 % physical resistance, 30 %  Lightning  resistance ,20 fire Resistance, 15 % ice resistance and 0% poison Resistance 


Ancient defender portrait will show physical resistance first followed by Lightning then fire then ice and last will be poison resistance.


(P.S Only one correction fire ,ice and poison Resistance will not show up on Gatekeepers portrait as they are below 25%.)

You won’t show any resists under 30%

I think it is 25 % dumpster.

Any resistance below 25% does not appear on gate keepers portrait.