Defensive Wave Combos

What do y’all think are the best units or monsters to include on your Kingdom’s defensive wave?

What are the ‘must-have’ combination when it comes to defense?

Monsters? Short-ranged units? Long-Ranged units?

its up to you. I like when people make waves of ceartain units because a strong sword rain kills everything except paladins.

Swordrain has 15 sec cooldown, so next wave our King can’t use Swordrain. For Defensive Wave Combos, You must know what you eant to do. Do you focus on slow down or to kill? If you want to slow down, just spam Paladin and High level Mortar. If you want to kill the king, just spam Archer or Arblaster, even Gagoyle. For kill enemy troops use Pyromancer and Mortar. Froster is interesting choice to mix with each combo, not only slowing movement but attacking too. Now, Gagoyles + Froster is fearful and most effective combo. But I think it’s too imbalance, so I believe next update will change something.

i have a 38 morale wave. it includes 6 paladins , 2 gargoyles and an ogre. it works so well. if any of your waves have 38 morale, try this.

just think every wave must not die in one cast of spell,

i wonder why no top player has werewolves in his/her waves.

they use cannons and arblaster as they do more damage than others…when they are together andd boosted… As werewolf howls they get extra speed so

Arblaster and froster is a must have although froster kinda useless now that king can have up to 75% speed boost, which is stupid.

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