Defensive Waves abnormal


how is it possible to find defensive waves with one phoenix and EIGHT lanciers? ?

And believe me,it’s not “resurrection”!

it was happened many times in this war


I had this same question! Spearmen actually come in pairs. So for one slot in your defensive waves, you get 2 spearmen. They’re very handy troops.

well…no answers? It was a bug or not? 

Max level wave has 20 morale points. As dumpster pointed out, Spearmen cost 1 morale point per pair. With Phoenix costing 14, and Spearmen costing 1 per pair, you should be able to have 1 Phoenix and 12 Spearmen in one Defense Wave.

I answered you!

No, you have my same questions!! ??

He said “I had the same question” - so I’d guess that the answer he gave you now is the one he received when he made that question first time :slight_smile:


Ok Dumpster, thanks a lot for the answer! But really I don’t understand why. A wave level 14 has 20 points…one phoenix and 6 spearmen. Where I can find write than spearmen costs one per pair?

There is not a ton of written documentation about all of the various features in the game.

You can try it in offense too.

If you summon “one” spearman to attack, two are spawned.

It’s like reason number 12 that spearmen are the best unit.

Greatly appreciate the thread link, I had no idea of this bug…and to say it’s a feature and not a bug is BS!!! A spearman is worth ONE morale so to get 2 is a bug, unless the devs want to explain how 1 becomes 2 in defensive waves!! Makes the spearman the choice unit due to this bug as you get double the morale points per wave… @Madlen this MUST be a bug as it doesn’t correspond to the morale points that all other units follow. Could this be put to the devs please.

Hi guys :slight_smile:

Thanks for the discussion. Two spearmen are worth 1 morale. It is not a bug, it has been designed like that since day 1 :slight_smile:

Also, I wanted to point out we are all discussing a thread that is one year old :grinning: