Defensive Yetis are useless

If i have to do a comparison between yetis, ninjas and zombies of the same level, they are the most useless and their attack does nothing. Zombies instakill your troops if they explode near your troops they become zombies too so you have to kill also your troops. Ninjas at least they start very quickly their attack. Yetis instead just like playing snowball without doing something concrete. And their Big Yeti just take 3 months to walk and attack 

Please improve the Yetis  :grinning:

Sometimes Yeti killed my tent) it was curious 

I watched Flothaboss’ videos about ninjas, zombies and yetis more than 2 hour ago. I will show their statitics at level 14 (see below).

Unit                    Health                 Damage (type)                 Range                  Speed                     Attack rate                Resistances (types %)                               Weakness (type %)

Ninja                  12274                  258 (normal)                    0.80                     3.00                        4.00                            piercing 100% and fire 100%                    poison 200%

Zombie              12274                  258 (normal)                    0.80                     1.50                        0.50                            piercing 90% and ice 90%                         fire 100%

Yeti                     12274                  194 (ice)                           4.50                      2.25                       0.50                            piercing 100% and ice 90%                       fire 75%


I’m thinking that those units should have boosts (which cannot be prolonged, but can be automatically activated/unlocked together with ninja/zombie/yeti defense).

Boosted version of ninja could have +400% range.

Boosted version of zombie could have +100% speed and +100% attack rate.

Boosted version of yeti could have +50% speed and +100% attack rate.

It’s nice yetis and ninjas have a zillion hp at level 14, mine are level 6 and are next to useless, both offensively and defensively. At least ninjas can do serious damage with their quick moves, poison ninjas kill paladins and such (excellent for low tier bases), ice ninjas stun, and so on. Yetis kinda…suck…

Btw, with new pals being introduced every two months isn’t it about time for a new event troop? One that isn’t a ninja, yeti or zombie with different attack type but a brand new unit. I suggested pirates ages ago but nobody ever pays attention to suggestions.

I agree, Yetis are useless - but also in Offense.

yeti’s actually aren’t that bad on offense. They can take down Necroes pretty well. That is, they aren’t useless if you don’t use Blizzard

True that. Yetis make sure defense wolf in first wave howls, cuz they stand right in the front throwing tiny snowballs having no effect whatsoever, and the transformation is behind the army. So disappointing

I’ll put it like this.

When I was still a small king, fresh out of king school, yetis combining into the abominable hulkster were quite useful, doing pretty decent damage to those unrefined defenses.

But now, I’m more likely to use yetis and ninjas as an assessment of a map’s difficulty, if I can get any of them alive to the end or not.

I have no way of beating the 4k+ tier events so I have no way of knowing if high level yetis are actually any better (with map strength increasing exponentially, I doubt it, and rightly so, judging from everyone’s posts).