Delayed War

Dear Flare you have decided to delay war by a few days, will we be having another server update to extend war boosts?  as they expire before war starts. 

How do I delete my post? LOL

I was about to ask the same lol

I understand what you mean, but for me it’s not that necessary to extend the boosts too. And yeah, I have all three boosts from last war.


The next war is delayed by a few days because of the incoming big update for Royal Revolt 2.

it has nothing to do with complaints regarding the boosts. :grinning:

@Alysea This topic isn’t regarding those complaints about some maybe overpowered boosts. This topic is about all alliances that won boosts last season being unable to use them during the first days of war without spending massive gold because of the delay of war. The question was whether you will give all those alliances the boosts for free for three extra days, so they can use them they thought they would until this afternoon.

It was an answer to EvilBert :grinning:

I will check with the team if anything is planned boost wise.

I’ll be fine either we get the boosts more prolonged or not. As I stated, it’s not necessary, if you can’t afford wasting all of that gold for having them in war too, just don’t do it, the free days you get with them has always been 5 or 6 days, delaying the war shouldn’t be a factor to change that.

Thats bullocks Karman, and you know it. I dont know if you really dont mind it or if you think agreeing will help you get rid of the ‘trial’ part, but having the warboosts for free the first two days of every season if you won them has always been a hugr advantage to those alliances, which they shouldnt lose soley because Flare switches up some things for a single season. It would be different if they made the change for every coming season, but thats apparently not the case.


By the way, how can you state that it ‘always has been 5 or 6 days’ and still think that is has nothing to do with warseasons??

I don’t know what you mean by “trial”, and I really don’t mind it, it’s not like wars are hard in G&M. Well, the length of boosts depends on the cooldown I see, sometimes cooldown is one day longer, I see why some want boosts to be more prolonged because now cooldown is longer, but this is the first time we have such an irregularity, so it’s always been 5 or 6 days, you can check it on the Wiki :stuck_out_tongue:  

I think it is 5 days for Dragofroster, Garg Nests & Surpise Mummy whereas 6 days for Dracomancer, Frost Blaster & Doom Gate.

I know, thats because one war has a one day shorter time in between wars indeed, so that every alliance that won the boosts can enjoy them for free the first two days of war :slight_smile:

I don’t know about top alliances, but we can only have dragofrosters, gargoyle nests & surprise mummy for the first day of war. The other set of boosts are for the first 2 days.

My alliance is ranked 260.

KK it’s the same for every alliance,  ☺


Unfortunately, as we had to push back the War season for a few days in preparation of the next version of Royal Revolt 2, you will not be able to prolong the boosts until you can win them again. You are able to prolong them as long as possible, but you will not be able to use them during the next War.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.

Alysea, do you mean that we will be able to prolong them only until the start of next war season?

Or that we can prolong them further but they will not apply to alliance war battles?

Wait wut, are you saying that every top alliance will be without the three boosts for the last three days of war? Im honestly amazed by how many fuck ups can be made lol

And Im guessing the boosts won during last season wont be prolongued for free aswell, giving those alliances what they deserved?

Hi Alysea,

I do not understand your sentence, because the different parts mean totally different.

You will not be able to prolong the boosts until you can win them again = ?

You are able to prolong them as long as possible = Even for 100 or 200 days? That means we have to win only once and if I were a rich man the alliance could use them forever.

You will not be able to use them during the next War = None of the War boosts or just the 3 one for which we are fighting or the ones we won in the last season?

Is it a special problem for only the upcoming war season or it will occur in every war season since now?

Please, clarify the system of the war boosts, because I am totallly confused.





This is only for the incoming war season, as it is related to the incoming version of Royal Revolt 2.

You can prolong the boosts as you can normally do, but you will not be able to prolong them throughout the war, you have to win them again in the next war season to enable them again.

Only the war boosts won during the last war season will not be usable during the incoming war.

As I understand it:

  1. Current war boost can be prolonged only up to the start of next war season (“not able to prolong them throughout the war” theoretically may mean “can prolong for part of war season but not to the end of it” … :slight_smile: … but I think it would be too much even for Flaregames).

  2. It applies only to current boosts and next season; after that it will be back to usual.

Am I correct?