Delete account progress and start over - Windows PC

On Windows 10 PC, how to delete current progress and start over if I made some mistakes?

I don’t want to create another Microsoft account just for this purpose.

Thanks in advance.

Good question. I really don’t know. I have read the game are in C:\User\Username\appdata\local\packages and look for Olympus Rising folder but I have try with Disney Magic Kingdom when I lose my progress during a evening to copy and paste to regain my progress and that don’t work. I have try to search on google where are the save of the game from Windows Store but without success :slightly_frowning_face: I can try to search again

When you change the save location of Windows Store App on a external drive. The new app are save in folder name Wpsystem and its the save like when you go in C:\User\Username\appdata\local\package

maybe if you delete the folder Olympus Rising there your game can restart at 0. I don’t know I am not sure about this

I can try with one of my game I don’t play anymore if that work

Wait just a little bit that I found the solution. Delete folder of the game make the game crash. I continue to investigate on the way that work save and all

Ok I found the way Yes :slight_smile:

OK first go in explorer in File - Change folder and and search option in View click on Show hiden folder 

Now go in C;\User\Your user name\Appdata\Local\Package and find Olympus Rising folder and delete it : flaregamesGmbH.OlympusRising_g0q0z3kw54rap

Go in Settings - System and in App and features and delete the game Olympus Rising

Go in Windows Store and Download again Olympus Rising

The game should start at 0 from the beginning

It didn’t work for me. Something related to cloud save or device account based here. But thanks!


Very good question. I have reset and desinstall the game. Deleted the folder content the save on my HDD external and no. The game found I don’t know where my game at Ascension 100+

So how you restart from beginning?

There should be an option to switch accounts in there, which is essentially the way to start again in OR, since SOME sort of account is needed for that purpose. Otherwise, you can try writing to the tech support, I believe they are the only ones who can actually wipe your current account.

I have send them a request but my game still there. So I gues they don’t have time. I will see later

What the hell is this? Seriously? :

Andrik Arredondo (Flaregames)

Mar 15, 11:25 PM CET

Hello Dgthe1,

Thank you for your inquiry.

We would like to assist you with resetting your account.

If you have not already done so, please also send us the exact name of your account.

Furthermore, we would also require some information on old account to verify you as rightful owner:

  • Account registration date (estimate)
  • Last login date
  • Current amount of in-game currencies (gems, pearls, or similar)
  • A copy of the receipt you received for your last in-game purchase (mandatory if you have made a purchase on your account in the past)

Please understand that we cannot accept screenshots of your account as proof of ownership.

As soon as we have the requested information, we can then further assist you with your account request.

Thank you for your understanding.


I don’t want to recuperate it. I want to delete it!!! Why Flare are so lazy to check. its not the first time I have write them. Why they cannot see my e-mail fit with the IGN I give them. Its not complicated : Warriornator and

Sometime I think Flare are lazy like the police in my country. Where you need to do all their job for them.

Why is so complicated for Olympus Rising to be resetted? I don’t think I remember all info. C’mon serious

There is no others way more simple to delete this game? or this is save somewhere on their server and only them can delete it? Anyway its the weekend I cannot do anything now :angry:

This situation is frustrating honestly. why not create OR on Facebook and link the game via Facebook. This way players will be able to do like Royal Revolt 2 and reset it in Windows 10 in Settings. Will make less frustration honestly

I will see what I can do this Monday

They ask questions like that so someone who claims to be you can’t delete your game. 

The first three are really hard to remember whilst the fourth one is easy to procure.