"delete all" button in ingame mailbox

After half a day in the conquest are already more than 30 messages in the mailbox, they must be deleted individually.

A button would be real improvement.

The problem with this would be if you have an invite in your inbox. Would the invite be deleted as well? In my opinion, there needs to just be a separate inbox for Conquest notifications. A lot of messages that I wanted to keep have been knocked out because of Conquest

@AwesomestKnightest  you can scroll the messages before you use the delete all button… invide requests can be deleted, i see no problem

Magic Rush have it separate tab : Rewards, News, PVP events,etc… its very pleasant when I go in mailbox and have a delete all button



Why not spam click “trash icon” ?

If you’r not happy with this answer then take it as a training for the daily one gem ?