Delete FB friends

Hello everyone,

Is there any way to delete inactive facebook friends from RR2 friend list? But I do not want them to unfriend from facebook.

Thanks with best regard

No as far as I know. Those I deleted from FB are still my friends in game :confused:

I do not want my friendlist too crowded, so unfriended some on FB as I do not use FB much.

But sometimes they still appear in the friend list. And if they do not appear, “ghost messages” aka a number on the friends symbol appears without a corresponding message. I think this happens when there was a level up by one of those invisible old friends. You can unlink from FB to make the ghost messages disappear, but if you link it back, it might reappear after a while.

This is really annoying. But to be honest, at this point I have no confidence in Flare ever fixing this as there are so many other bugs that do not get fixed. There seems to be no one collecting the bugs and working at them in a prioritized order so they get fixed before new ones appear.

It’s passed so much time they forgot that exists this bug 

it’s very difficult to add “UNFRIEND” button

yeah lol can’t they just copy the same coding they have to make the unfriend button on normal friends, to the facebook friends. Seriously, it shouldn’t be THAT hard

Thanks to FG, I stopped using FB, and removed all friends

Thanks! Thanks!!!


(and of course removed all of them from game)

yes, for me number 2 = no new messages

 I talked about this before. Look at that to see an answer, i assume it still works, but haven’t tried it for a while as i have already unfriended all from my list that i want to (inactive,etc)

Thanks @Strongsoon, butI tried this before and did it again just now.

It does not really work. Every time I reconnect to FB it explicitly allows RR2 access to the FB Friendlist again. Did not find a way to prevent that.

ill find some time and see if I can make a video somewhat soon on how to unfriend Facebook friends. it does work, I tried it just now before posting this post. 

That would be great. Maybe it depends on the OS.
With iOS it constantly adds access to Friendlist. It I disallow during re-login, it would not let me connect.

might be due to device. I am using a laptop windows 10.  i don’t have an iOS so i can’t really try it

Now, THIS is one of the occasions where it would be nice to get some feedback from developers as the friendlist problem is an old on and will come up here again and again.

Whow about a: “It is on our list” or “We will put it on our list” or “Sorry for your inconvenience, we lost all our lists as you already might have noticed”

@GalaMorgane @PaSte

i emailed about this problem to them years ago. i fixed it myself by figuring out that thing i posted above. but when i emailed them, they just okay, later. lol. thanks for the idea. we will have it in a future update. future has arrived and its still a minor problem in the game.

The problem has been solved with the 3.9 update.
Thanks :slight_smile:


So, you did not lose the list! :wink:

But still, an “It is on our list” would have been nice. Or just give us a list of known bugs like @flaretaras watch list for changes to be considered.
Some of the topics are coming up over and over again. Such a list would bring clarity and save time.

And, not to forget it would show there is really some long needed change, moving towards working together with the community. Not just temporary cosmetics.