I hope no top alliances mind if I took some liberty’s with the name lol.

laughing coffin? from SAO?


Maybe not.

But probably yeah.

What does “PK” stand for?

PK: is an MMO term. It means Player Killer.

Ah, okay. Been playing MMOs for about 12 years. Never heard that term before. Nice, I like it :slight_smile:

We may be full for the moment but we gain levels quickly!

It looks like getting new recruits is easier than it use to be.

We filled quickly so I had to add minimum requirements to join.


There are new players here but the alliance is already becoming active.

There will be new and old players mixed into this alliance.

If any of that interests you please apply or ask for invite!

Day 3 and PK: is in the top 500.


If you donate 50k+ join now!

PK has filled it’s ranks and is looking good.


We have 1 open spot. PK: is pretty much expanding by itself so I wont be updating this page as much.


Post here or PM me for any info!

I have been invited. Now it’s too late. Spots are filled :slight_smile:

PK has increased it’s minimum requirements for new applicants and I have updated all the information in this thread.

Can i join?

My ign eshrak.

Level 65.

Donation 50+ .

Trophy 2200. I dropped some trophy.