Deliberately dropping Trophies

This is just so constant. After every Ninja event starts, all the open bases begin, so that lvl 130 players drop trophies for war and Conquest. This ensures they get easier war/conquest. As soon as the war/conquest is over they just destroy all the normal players in the game so that they can get there trophies back up for next Ninjas. This is so wrong.

This has been highlighted previously but nothing…has been done to address this.

Gotta be careful how much I put, don’t wanna get blocked/banned

So what do you suggest no one looses or wins trophies anymore?
Everyone is free to do what he like in the game

Do not give importance to trophies. Trophies come and go. If they give importance to trophies, they will be frustrated and stressed. I raise my trophies on the islands to 3,600, when I finish the islands, I lower them to 1500 trophies and so I am very calm, until the islands return.

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That is exactly my point. You drop your trophies and then you quickly beat the weaker members. So this weaker player has just been hammered and can no longer compete in the lvl of ninjas they had worked too. Yes of course we are all free to drop trophies. I am just saying this is not fair. The lower players work hard for trophies, yet the high level players just abuse this.

It’s relative friend. If many trophies are stolen from you, that means that your level is really not where you are now. That means that in order not to be robbed or harassed by stealing trophies, you know that at that level, at least at the level you are, you must improve your defenses, more than the attack, because it is not really your level. Look at me they don’t attack me so much, but still, under trophies for more peace of mind. If you lower your level, until you are not robbed so much, that more or less will be your friend level. :wink: You must go up both in defense and attack. Surely, you are higher than the level you should be. If you level down, you will see friend, how you will play more calmly and enjoy the game more pleasantly. :wink:

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That is the mistake. You don’t have to work hard to get trophies. You have to work hard to be stronger and when you are stronger, trophies are coming. :wink: Online games, you have to take them patiently, are games that can last a lifetime. We have many years to go, we have to take calm, it’s a friendly game. :wink:


So a lvl 102 player at 3400 trophies being attacked by a lvl 130 player is all fair and game? No. The reason this happens is because the high lvl players drop for war and Conquest. FACT.

I agree with you… I was angry at this in the beginning, when my base was being raid by high lvl players and gained lots of trophies… But when I tried to attack them back, or even the players of my lvl, i would get very less trophies in return… It was frustrating…

Then I learned why people drop trophies and I started dumping trophies too… The play after that was not so frustrating… At 1700 trophy count, I easily get 30-50 trophies in single raid against players much much weaker then me… Now, I am that strong player who used to raid my base just before ninjas to get large no. of trophies… That’s what I do with the weak ones now… But the bases I raid are not challenging, and therefore, gameplay at low trophy count is not a comfort…

Therefore, I must agree with your frustration and concern regarding this… But this is what trophy is for, and we gotta live with it…

The thing I am still not happy about is the matchmaking in wars and conquests… RR2 should have a feature which stores the max. number of trophies a player has so far gained, and use this value to match alliances in wars and conquests… This way, Strong alliance cannot harass small alliance… This way, there will be competition…

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Yes totally agree. I see it all the time. Lvl130 players drop to almost nothing once ninjas start and then as soon as war/conquest is finished everyone else suffers.

But as these are the ppl at the top, they also bark a lot when things change/don’t go there way with any changes…

I agree with Paulus. Trophy dropping/upping by top players is not gaming, it’s top players gaming the system. They’re exploiting a key flaw in the game: RR2 uses the number of trophies to set difficulty and rewards, on both a player as well as an alliance level, when it computes a better measure (medals) already.

How is it fair to be incentivizing strong players to attack weaker players at any time? Shouldn’t the incentive be always to get more rewards for tackling players stronger than oneself?

  • Dropping trophies so that the alliance gets to wreak havoc on weaker alliances and players.

  • Hitting weaker players on the way back up, who happen to have higher trophies because they didn’t drop trophies. One can attack weaker players who are 700-1000 trophies higher, and absolutely wreck them with one hand tied behind their backs for 10-40 trophies.

This is silliness and stupid that would stop if

  1. The game better estimated the strength of the player properly, not by trophies. Even going by levels alone is better than trophies. Use a combination of levels, medals, etc. would do the trick.

  2. Gaining trophies was also based on current strength vs. strength of the player being attacked, not on difference in trophies (dumb!) What is so glorious about a 1500 trophy lvl 130 player attacking a 2500 trophy lvl 90 player for 50 trophies?

It’s not the high level players’ fault, it’s FG encouraging bad behaviour through bad incentives design. Only FG can fix this, and they should!

You would also need to factor in alliance level

Aren’t boost strengths and beast strength already taken into account? If ao, what other effects do alliance level have?