Demo activation impossibly high

Hello regulars,

I’ve seen several videos recently and it seemed bizarre how frequently the demo perk activates even though it’s supposed to be 35% max now. Yes with high att speed and bia can raise hits to 2+ hits per second, yet I’ve seen several videos of demo activating almost every hit, 600k barricades being destroyed in 2 seconds vs weak damage heroes. High health towers destroyed in 1 second.

I’m almost certain something isn’t right, just wondered if anyone else had seen anything similar. Reminds me yet is actually worse than the FB/demo bug from several months back.

It’s possible to have it proc every hit, just very unlikely. Post the vids.

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I’ve sent them to the boss man to have a look as I can’t edit to remove names, and only one is of my defence. I suppose I can post that, as it shows only my weakness :slight_smile:

If I had to guess I’d say it’s just frostbite/demo/plenty of attack speed and getting lucky rolls. Does he have 200%AS?

I’m not sure, but I have seen another vid with 168% att speed and behaves the same, demo procs 3 times in 1 s which is impossible. Only demo makes those big white slashes, and that vid is like 75% demo! I can add 35% demo/ 60% FB to my Herc with 180% att speed and he goes through barricades slower than that even with bia active and 40k+ damage per second.

Might be plaform thing, like Android based.

It’s not impossible, it’s just unlikely. (But not 1-in-a-million unlikely)

Even if attack speed only allows 2.25 hits per second (168% att speed x 35% bia)? Sent you the other vid, you can see the 3 demo activations in space of a second.
I do get what you’re saying about probability, but demo does only take a way 50% of health, and for those low damage heroes, still have to find a decent amount of damage to wipe the remainder of the structure.

There are units attacking all the structures in both vids though. It’s hard to prove anything from those vids.

yes there are a couple arriving to certain structures, but count the rate/frequency of confirmed demo strikes, that’s my point really. Way more than it should be even with high att speed and bia.
Also units barely scrape a 500/600k structure in a second or 2.
Its almost like damage affecting the hero gets reflected and that then procs demo - as both examples have quantities of DR, which makes far more sense and accounts for the such high frequency of demo. @CaptainMorgan

DR is very powerful too, especially in high amounts. Towers melt under high amounts of DR/demo/AS/FB. It’s a ton of DPS.

Do the players who shared those videos with you think that there’s a bug, or is just your observation?

Gate destroyed at 26s left. All I see is a very strong GK :wink:!

Yes, we do see demolition proc thrice in a row in 1-2 seconds (it’s in auto mode 2X speed so it’s hard to judge) at the 2nd last Charon tower. Might be the luck of the century or bug in animations. If you look at the health of the Charon at that very moment, it went down very smoothly and slowly. It looked like you need 5 hits to take down the last 30K health …

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They aren’t sure. But they doubt a bug exists. Of course I can be wrong, but I’m just looking at observations, I’m sure you have seen as many vids as me, but for me somethings wrong, but if you don’t think so then fine by me, I did ask what you thought.

Yeah there were a few occasions where demo activated a lot, but the last charon not so much. For me it seems far higher than 35% on average.
Consider the barricades are close to 600k health and charons not far from 500k.

That’s not a problem, though… over a very large sample size (larger than one battle), you should expect to see demo proc 35% of the time on average, but I’ve seen wild fluctuations from battle to battle.

And also it would be the least surprising thing in the world if this game had another bug, I guess I’m just not seeing it in those vids. They look pretty normal to me.

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I take your statistical point, but then do you think the animations are wrong, or did you not see 3 x demo in 1 s from the other video?

I saw it, but it doesn’t look unusual to me.

but it’s 3 times in succession (which on it’s own is statistically quite low) but confirmed att speed of 168% which means even with bia should only hit just more than twice a second. I guess you have to see the vid in slow motion to catch it. Maybe I just find a low damage hero like Ariadne destroying a 350k structure in 1 second impossible! Even with a couple of spearmen arriving.

For me this is a big cause of bases being so non existent, feels to me and looks like a bug, I hope the devs will runs some tests to make sure all is in order, I’ll say no more on this then.

It’s like 5 spearmen, a Phoenix, a griffin, and the reflected damage from another Phoenix.

Maybe it is a bug, too, I don’t know, it’s just hard to judge it 100% from that video. I’d like to see the same hero with no army and no DR as well.

as far as i know animation do not speed up anymore at some point.
but your idea that a reflected damage could proc als demo is interesting. i hope that everything is ok and not a bug. thx for bringing it up.

edit: maybe it is also not demo in general (if it is the case), maybe it is realted to the used hero or other perks/abilities used in combination.

question: did some of you have noticed that if you turn of AP on helen the animation seems still to be fast? sometimes it feels like the fast mode is still active at the gate, but i can be wrong with that. i always have troubles to judge those things. but anyone else that has the same strange feeling about this? (sorry phil i dont want to highjack your thread, but helen is also a low damage hero for me and she has no problem with my defense even if i only use 20% demo for her, but she has major troubles with the GK :man_shrugging: i just play her sometimes. but if, i use AP. idk if it is related to AP or helen itself (or something else))

@Philstar Thanks for bringing this up! I have been having the same impression that the demolition proc rate with Ariadne and Cadmus was oddly high compare to Heracles!

But now that I wrote the numbers down, it feels normal to me. Our brains tricked us!

With 35% demo, what’s the probability of demolition proc with the hit, and the next two following hits? 0.35^3 ≈ 4.3%. That’s once every 23 hits!

AS + Bia makes it 2.25 hits/s. So it should happen in average about once every 10 seconds of structure punching time!

That’s not rare. But why do we observe it much more with Ariadne and Cadmus than Heracles? You need a very weak Heracles to make it happen, since after 1 or 2 demotion the structure is gone. I also think that the AP with 2X mode contributes somehow in that impression.

Anyway, the bottom line for me is: once every 23 hits isn’t that rare, statistically.

Edit: I’ve just recalled about CM’s mention after the FB+demo bug fix. Nowadays, when demo proc it’s transferred to the damage needed to take half of the remaining heath of the structure. That damage will be compared with main damage of the hero (with or without FB, depending on if FB proc at the same time), then the higher damage will be the final output.

Heracles can easily have 66% FB with his unique, which means most of the times when FB and demo proc at the same time FB would take over demo. Not to mention that once demo proc even a normal punch would have a great chance to take over demo.

Well, it just conforts my idea of getting rid of demolition for my Heracles for more damage :sweat_smile:.

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