Demolition vs Frostbite

How do DEMOLITION and FROST BITE work. I heard they are similar and if you have both DEMOLITON and FROST BITE, only the highest score is used. I’d like to understand how they both work (ie is DEMOLITION only for towers and barricades and FROSTBITE only for units?).

No demolition and frostbite are different from each other.
Demolition takes away half remaining health of a structure every time it activates.(it only affects structures)
While frsotbite affects both structure and units.
It does 300% damage and slows down unit or structure for three seconds by 25%.
(As Corrected by marinien)


Small correction: FB does 3X damage, out of which 1X of regular physical damage and 2X of ice damage. Targets are slowed down by 25% during 3 seconds.


Thanks for correcting me

Thank you for the information @HOLYDIVINE & @Marinien. Is Frostbite the better of the two?

If you do a lot of damage and you could only pick one, frostbite is better. If you do very low damage (helen, Artemis, maybe Ariadne) demo might be better, or a combination of the two.


Both are good perks.You should give frostbite heroes like Hercules, Achilles, Perseus they have high damage with one source of demolition.

You should have both on your Heroes.(frostbite is useful in dealing with GK and demolition with structures to reach gate faster)
Like you need only 10% or above demolition and for Frostbite 50% or above.

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So is the frostbite calculated from the attack damage for each hero? I’m assuming with demolition that it only works on barricades and towers and not on the gate itself?

Yes you are correct about both demolition and frostbite.


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your other questions are also answered in the q&a section (and by players above)

Q: how does/should demolition work also in combination with normal damage, area damage and frostbite-proc (actually the two proc of frostbite and demolition does multiply damage instead of adding? does the order of those two proc also plays a role?)?

A: If Frostbite and Demolition proc at the same time, only the higher damage of the two (in most cases Demolition) will be dealt. They don’t multiply each other anymore because this led to one-shotting towers and barricades in the past. Even if Demolition does more damage, the target should still get the Frostbite slow effect when both things proc at the same time.

Q: is it true that demolition takes away 50% from the remaining barricade / tower-structure health regardless of the heros own strength or level or the total health and level of the structures (and what about buffs from alliance, war and oddyssey…)? what does demolition do to the gate - nothing?

A: Yes, Demolition always halves the obstacle’s remaining HP. It doesn’t do anything against the Gate though.