Demotion of Opelle

hello frnds iam back to game and website after 1 and half month …All i want to know is why Opelle demoted to Moderator…what’s wrong with him…what is the problem ???

He was always a moderator and consider editing your topic, it just sounds as if you want to demote him. The ‘literal’ meaning.

Hello mohan,

i’m a moderator since lot of time, i’m not sure if your question was regarding the time i’m a mod or something else. Sorry i just find a little tangled your sentence ^^

I’ve been on this forum for a few months… I have always seen Opelle a moderator, what’s your problem ?

He’s not saying that, is he ? Didn’t understand very well

I know he does not mean that but the topic prima facie creates an impression that oPelle needs to be demoted. When I first just saw the topic, I thought he was complaining. I know you can play with words, just that I found it a bit wrong.


sorry Opelle sorry for may bad english and wrong topic ?

i thought that opelle is the Adim and now he was demoted to mod

If oPelle was a Admin., we would all have had a GALA time. :grinning:


oPelle is the admin of RR2 Wikia. :grinning:

Well i think i can close this topic now that the problem is solved ^^