Design Flaw in Alliance Wars

The current system of spreading the big five alliances out among the first three war maps ruins the game.

Those five alliances ( already the strongest) will continue to gain fifedoms and get stronger and stronger with the increase in special boosts power.

While all other alliances will be capped at whatever fifedom level that gets them on a map with the big five.


Six weeks from now the big five will have 100 fifedoms and everyone else will still be stuck around 40 with no chance of ever closing the gap.

I can’t believe Flare doesn’t see what’s happening.

At least the way it was when maps were determined by fifedom level the big five had to fight each other with a chance to lose fifedoms and the others had a chance to gain a few on them before they reached their map and had to take their lumps.


Scrap the whole alliance war set up.

Make it one alliance versus one other alliance for one day on one day each week.

That way everyone knows, hey it’s Friday, War day!

They can make plans to be there and participate.

They have time to upgrade and improve between wars.

One on One wars would end the super alliance groups and mercenary jumping as well


I know Flare listens to people on these forums.

And already the difference in fifedoms between number 5 and number 6 alliances is double digits.


The strongest alliances will still win and they should, they’re the best players, but at least the rest of us would have more chances to see a map without having one or more of the big five there.


Even the top alliances are becoming bored with stomping lower alliances who don’t even bother to fight anymore. They lose the opportunity to win gems from their defense and the fun of competition is gone.


While it’s bad now it’s going to get even worse the stronger these alliances get unless Flare does something to balance the competition.

I agree on what you are saying about the current system only being good for the top six alliances to gain slot of fifedoms while all other remain around 40 fifedoms.

My advise would be to go back to the old system where all alliances in one war map have almost equal amounth of fifedoms.

That way every alliance makes a chance on winning a war season, and the top six alliances can fight their fight amongst each other.

Flare will probably not go for a 1 day war, simply because that would cost them a lot of money.

Shortening the war season to 4 days but keeping the same amounth of battles in a war season even made Flare more money because the cooldown inbetween wars remained 3 days.

Not sure , I see it to be more interesting than before actually

Im guessing alliances like Streets of Rage,OPP or Lions Den beg to differ. Of course its fun to face big alliances once in a while, but not being able, not even having a chance, to win any single war for a long time will be frustrating.

Doubt they face strong alliance every season , too early to judge but at least FG trying new things on this

There’s already a 13 fifedom difference between the top 5 and the next alliance and that will continue to grow as long as they don’t have to fight each other. they’re unbeatable now and every fifedom they gain from weaker alliances makes them stronger.


I’d just like to see it go back to where the maps were determined by fifedoms. At least then you drop 3 fifedoms on their map and get away from them for 2 or 3 wars. Now you have to drop out of the top 20 to get away.


No one enjoys zero competition, not the winners and not the losers.

I think the problem was that VL did not like the old system, as they were being progressively weakened, and losing every time they faced Apoc, SK, RL, NATO.  Flare seemed to change the system to help them, and have succeeded in this.


The cost was that many more alliances suffered, as these killer alliances were then unleashed on a bigger group of alliances, rather than being contained in a map or two.


Interestingly there was an attempt to break Apocalypse in the last battle (yesterday/today), with one alliance bringing in lots of mercs and also using all the newly available champion and shield boosts.  It ended very badly for them, being utterly slaughtered by Apocalypse, despite their members and mercs using a fortune in scrolls.  They didn’t stand a chance even with that huge effort.

Lolwut, you must be kidding, right? You are wrong in almost everything you said, so Im hoping youre trying to troll.

Excellent points Khalsa Blade. It is useless for any alliance to try and compete with the top 5 alliances.  It’s a complete waste of time and you are throwing your gems away. Even if someone were to get close to beating one of them, since 4 of them are allies they would just switch out enough players to beat you anyway. I don’t think any of the top5 will be getting anymore gem hauls like yesterday again. Afraid your clan is in for a lot of 180,000 to 0 wars in the future, if that’s what you want I foresee good times ahead for you. :slight_smile:

Definitely not trying to troll.  I was actually going to start this same thread, but it was going to be something along the lines why, ‘Why is Flare putting VL on a completely bogus map every season to feed them free fiefs when they lose each and every time in the old tier 1’.  I like being split up, but all of us want to fight VL and it really seems like Flare is protecting them.  Let’s see some fireworks Flare, put VL on a map where they can lose, which also means put us on a map where we can lose.  


I agree with others, it’s not exactly fair how they’re placing us and the effect of splitting us is only making us stronger.  Not sure I know the answer the problem, but we’d sure like to fight VL and we’re being blocked.  Wonder why.


@jkb, seems not all have thrown in the towel like you.  As Khalsa just mentioned, they spent a ton in gems trying to take down Apoc.  Guess it wasn’t too boring for them.  If the #1 trophy alliance can lose each time they were in tier 1, it would seem that any other alliance could potentially lose as well.

skint, they gave it one allout try to see if it can be done, it can’t, they won’t try again today and I doubt anyone else will in the future. The top 5 will continue to get stronger and the rest of us will stay at 40 something fifedoms.  The top 5 have the best players and the strongest elite boosts and they really have no competition now other than each other, what’s it going to be like when you have max level elite boosts and everyone else is still where they are now. Do you really think it’s good for the game if the divide between the top 5 and the rest continues to grow? Look at the gap in fifedoms between the top5 and everyone else after just 2 wars with the new seeding method, it’s already double digits. I just want it to go back to the original method of seeding teams by fifedom level.

Warring against the top clans 5 (VL, SK, Apo, RL, Nato) is pointless for the next 15 clans (top 20.)  With the recent shield and champion systems, this would make it harder to even farm the bottom 3 players of these clans.  This current war, we call it quit after seeing that we were stuck between RL and SK.  Our clan HSTS (top 20) knew we didn’t stand a chance, and sat out on the war.  Hopefully Flares figures out a way to make warring a little more even, because if we see 2 of the 5 top clans in any war, we’d just sit out. 

Oh well, in that case I dont mind going into detail a little more. The ‘lots of mercs’ were five, maybe six guys who were there from the start of the war season and fought in every war. At least two of them were 500(!!) trophies below your weakest member (who was kicked/left halfway during the war, probably because he got farmed?). I dont know how much gems others spend, but my weak base (build completely free, low trophy range) earned me during those 18 hours around 70 free gems (thanks!). So it looks to me that Apo was scrolling heavily. And I dont know why the shield and champion were brought up, Apo used them (all ten? Maybe nine?) theirselfs aswelll, so why care?

I dont really know why youre speaking of ‘breaking apo’, it seems like you think all alliances should just give you their fiefdoms. Furthemore I dont really think you can say such things, as long as 20-30 members have fewer trophies than Apo’s weakest three.

I would think you guys like an opponent that is willing to see how far they can get against one of the top

top alliances, guess Im wrong.

Note: Views are my own and (edit:) not related to any alliance.

@HSTS: Youre getting third with only 18k skulls for the whole season (probably one guy who fought because he didnt knew you gave up?), I find that an other thing thats wrong with the war seasons.

Well, thing is - system is still dividing alliances by fiefdoms, BUT, top 5 alliances are divided amongst first 3 tiers, as it seems - by Flaregames hands. Which, is the first time I ever saw a developer to alter rules for some alliance, in this case - VL. They are 2nd time on their own, separate map.

Weird , now everyone said FG protect VL while before VL said FG protect SK allies.Poor FG they might be doing many things wrong but this onr I dont think its their fault lol just random.

Cause of the high skull worth of 2 of our top players - I shielded them, 1 to prevent stripping of trophies, another to stop it from happening. Simply bacause of level 99, EmperorV received many failed attacks from UvT and lost trophies from each failed attack, cause he was too high in trophies than them. Also shielded my lowest guy, so that he would not get farmed - poor fella does not have any skull tower at level 9 just yet, still even with -50% skulls for him, he got farmed a bit xD Looks like even getting 3 battles was kinda hard without him - making shielding him a right call, cause that gifted other players some gems :grinning:

About 5 champions - wanted to see how my guys are doing with champions even in relax mode. And also to reach 12k skulls (each additional champion increses total % for each champ buff). Why not use it then? :slight_smile:

Yeah, somehow VL getting in separate tier for 2 seasons - FG must be protecting AC, SK, RL from VL! Doesn’t matter that VL were losing every time in tier 1, FG saved our alliances from VL just when they finally could win!

There’s only one plausible explanation for why AW match selection was altered as it was: Flare saw the “oligopoly” SK/Apoc/NATO/RL had in the top tier and decided to break it up.  Whether it was a direct result of complaints from VL and other parties or not, VL stood to benefit.  But then, all the other top alliances did as well since they’re now matched against opponents that cannot (yet) compete.  As a result fiefdoms are now easier to come by.  However,   other alliances (namely those in the Top 10) stand to gain disproportionately - e.g. VL might’ve gotten 0-1 fiefdoms in top tier but can clear 5+ matched against other Alliances - who, incidentally, are the real losers with this “rebalance”.  So, I’m sure the change isn’t “random”, but also doubt Flare is favoring any single Alliance’s interests.


Depending on who you ask, one glaring flaw in the system has been traded for another.  This does mix things up a bit; but it will take a very, very long time for it to diminish the grip current Top 10 alliances have on those positions.  Like the individual leaderboard, when things do substantially change it’s likely to be as much by attrition (alliances weakening/breaking apart through lack of interest) than genuine competition

      And you are rightly to protest that way of non combat ,since that fight it is a waist of time .Only Flare seems to play stupid on that one and pretend that they don’t get it.

      As a developer you always make sure that your rules are fare and equal for its your members. At the end of the day its not players problem to come with solutions even if we do and come up constantly with suggestion for a better place.

     I found the actual format complete unfair and pointless.I don’t understand why Flare are trying to make strong players even stronger by placing them with much weaker teams…I just try to imagine when Apocalypse and the other 4 top team will get to max fiefdoms,what kinda of direct fight for trophies in the Diamond or other league…Oh I know the answer others will have the option to buy it by using gems!!! Isn’t it Flare?