Destroy every tower without hurting gate to get 3 crowns?

I understand to get 3 crowns or 100% gold, trophies and medals I have to destroy all towers. It is difficult cause my troops and pet does not stop attacking castle gate when I try destroying the last 4 towers before the castle gate brakes.

What I tried so far.
I tried pressing Q but does not help. I have got a new pet Hans the bird which attacks the towers faster, but even he starts attacking gate after he finishes a tower from one side and before I can walk to the other side to attack remaining one or two towers the castle gate brakes.

How can I make my team stop attacking gate?

Nope… Once your troops get hold of the castle gate, they wont heed for the nearby towers… but it depends on troops… For example, vikings do not care for any tower even along the path whereas, cannons destroy every tower except for the two towers sticking with the castle gate on either side… (I cant speak for other troops. I am not at all familiar with them.)

Hero Scream in such cases is a little or no help at all… You let your troops beat the castle gate, while you take care of the surrounding towers… In such cases, you need to apply some strategies… I am not sure if anyone uses Sultan as guardian, but I do, and I know that to destroy all the towers around the gate, no guardian is better than sultan… Sultan’s ability demolishes all three towers on either side at one stroke, and you will still have enough time to get across and beat the rest three towers down…
OR, try using Phoebe as pal, combined with pal flute. It’s beast ability (armageddon) has range 10, which clearly, if Phoebe is placed exactly at the center, will demolish all 6 surrounding towers at once… EASY!!! All you need is strategy…

If you dont have Phoebe as pal (with pal flute as spell), try using Sultan as a guardian. That’s my suggestion. And I believe, everyone has sultan…

You get your army to stop attacking gate by getting them away from the gate. Use scream before they reach the gate and run away from the gate, then with the correct timing, run forward and outrun your army to the towers at the gate and use you spells, preferably, hammerstrike and/ or Sonic blast and/or Sultan guardian’s ability.

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with enough speed boosts like boots and on weapon or cape you can sprint ahead of your army and pal, get as many towers as you can before your army catches up. run back using scream draw them away then race ahead again and get the rest of the towers before they get to the gate. test with different pals, guardians and spells to see what suits the way you play best. I use sonic and firestorm which lets me get multiple towers in 1 go .

Level up your own gate.
You will get enemy’s that have a stronger gate that won’t get destroyed so fast.

… with stronger towers as well …