Destroying large groups of high-level arblasters...

What’s your strategy for taking out large groups of high-level elite arblasters? They seem way overpowered. 


I never would have dreamed that the heal-upon-death could also instantly wipe out the effects of a max sonic blast. 


They are so overpowered. The game has gotten a lot less fun. After all alliances get them and upgrade them, no base will be without them. 


So then there will be no point in raiding. You’ll only get as far as the first choke point. Or spend days upgrading sword rain; that is, only until you can’t raise enough gold because all the bases are filled with elite arblasters. 

I agree that they are overpowered, flaregames should fix it… but my firestorm still able to kill them all, you should try it.  

 I don’t think that all alliances will be able to use them, arblaster boost cost +900k for only 6hrs, only the top 50-80 alliances can afford it (I think so).

Swordrain is my only way


Well, I’m in top 40, and it gets very ugly very quickly. What level is your firestorm and are you up against max arblaster?

Look at the bright side. Elite Arbs only last for 5 days, leaving 3 more without them. You still have a chance to raise gold then.

But another strategy is just to wait until you’re in the middle of a pack to activate Sonic Blast. If the spell hits them all at once, they’ll all die at the same time.

I kill them once a time, as now i know that they have a healing range ( i don’t know how much), i attract them to me then i try to kill each of them (if there are lots of them in a wave), nobody try to use gargoyle? if it is effective? i don’t know… or maybe ogre clave?

The trick is to use instant damage spells, like swordrain or blizzard.  Preferably high level blizzard, since it’s great against towers too.  This trivializes any encounter with arblasters.


If you use a spell that does damage over time, and you don’t ensure that 1) all the arblasters are at exactly the same health when you cast it, and 2) that you hit all of the arblasters at exactly the same time with it, you’re screwed.  You have to make sure they all die at the same time – if they die at different times, you might kill one or two but the rest will be chain-healed and then you’re out of luck.


The problem is that most people have realized arblasters shine the most at choke points.  Also to some degree as escorts for mummies, because they tend to end up keeping the spawned knights alive for what seems like forever.  But really it’s about the choke points, where they keep all the cannons, frosters, and whatever else alive.  You simply won’t receive reinforcements after moving past the chokepoint in a base like that, unless you use boosted mummies, or summon/portal scrolls.  All this did was further cement the L and N shaped bases as the de-facto “best” designs, which have become nauseatingly boring at this point.

Elite Arblaster are pretty effective in defending blockage with their healing ! If more than 1 blockage is near to the next, you have the chance that they heal the last blockage or maybe both if you kill them, so more wasting time for opponents player

Upgrade your Hammerstrike up to LV 16 and be happy to beat them every 7 seconds. And if you max your Hammerstrike, it will beat max boosted Knights from boosted mummy with one hit.

enjoy ur max hammerstrike man :wink:

Are the elite boosts (from war) only active 5 days I thought you carry on paying for them with gold but if you win them again they go up a level?

They grow up with level only with fiefdoms an alliance has.

It’s stupid that they can heal buildings/towers…flare should fix this…

Just use elite arblasters and elite paladins against them. No need for Swordrain, frost spell and other tricks. Just Bladestorm is needed with that troop combination and hero scream. I don’t have max spells yet, even far from and only my paladins and arblaster are max.


Don’t solo. Let yourself accompany with a bunch of elite paladins and a couple of elite arblasters. When elite wave arblaster arrives, just go in with blade storm. First few ones die and start to heal others. Then activate hero scream to power up palaldins even more. Remaining blasters don’t stand a chance, since they die even when die are still healing. Then when last one dies, activate Sonic blast to destroy remaining towers if any, since elite boost strengthens troops enough to take down even those towers. Then… use heal to heal your troops to restore hero’s health plus make sure your group of trrop stays alive and is 100% restored.


Your bunch of troops will become even stronger, because number of troops is increasing. Be sure to keep both paladins and arblasters coming and only a few times roll out a canon for extra firepower. When required to restore health of troop , for example when they take damage from skull tower, push forward one elite boost archer and sacrifice him. Double heal power for certain. Swordrain and blizzard are obsolete when using this technique. Okay… You need to use paladins in offense and that’s not quite usual, but elite arblaster in combination with paladin rock. During this unfair war, I kicked butt of players way stronger as I am just with this troop combination. And in defence this combination seems to be unbelievable.


Use a few elite arblaster in combination with holy paladins. Place one arblaster In front and one in back. When players use swordrain, they are up against full restored elite paladins and definitely need to waste second spell to survive. Frst few waves a hero can withstand, but even players way stronger then me go down on this when attacking my base. not because I have a strong base. That’s certainly not the case at all. But just because of combining strength of several troops together a lot of more strong kings are surprised by my base.


When there is no elite boost, they will beat it easily, but with elite boost on paladins and arblasters a lot of them are taken by surprise. So use this combination in offence and defence.

i have max blade storm it does over 5k damage but sucks against arbs. yes it kills one of two but the arg heal must be 1.5k+ at least and this just heals the ones behind so it is not very effective at all which is ridiculous as 2nd highest spell. instant kill is the only way.


Flare should nerf their heal and only make heal affect units. healing barricades etc is just plain annoying.

I’m starting to like it. It brings a certain timing aspect into the game. For example, since barricades fall much faster to Bladestorm, Bladestorm it away before you Swordrain; then the heal is useless. Same with towers. The tower right next to the arbs will likely be invincible for a time, so just run forward with Bladestorm, then run back with Sonic Blast (: Takes a bit of extra time, but that’s how elite boosts go.

use high level swordrain. it kills them and gargoyles instantly.