Destruction till Throne Room-Barbaric Raids

To stop the irritating effects of raids by lower ranked players, there should be some mechanism to keep them in check. 

How about having ability in a raid to destroy the throne room if time permits? After a throne room is destroyed it takes a minute to restore all the buildings back to normal. This will make a player to think twice before continuously targeting some players.

Maybe it will not happen, as FG will have to rewrite many codes, but a point to consider and a new discussion topic.

Although, our request to destroy the remaining towers even when the castle gate falls and there is remaining time has gone unheard.




When it happens, people will cry about it because if a player attack someone 3 times in a row, he will have to wait for 3 minutes until the Throne room is recovered. And when he is attacked by more players, he is doomed.

No his wait time should be 1 minute. The condition is his Throne room should be destroyed.

Yeah I meant if his Throne room is destroyed every single time he is attacked, he is doomed.

Haha. You made me laugh. Enemies destroy Castle Gates not Throne Rooms. To destroy Throne Room they will have to destroy Alliance Tower, Troop Academy, etc.

And this is not Clash of Clans :stuck_out_tongue:  

Yes, exactly they have to destroy everything. Since it’s not going to be implemented, let’s discuss.

who knows something nice comes out of this.