Detailed Player Profile, please

Recruiting/ accepting new members into an alliance is not unlike recruiting & selecting for a job in a company. Qualifications, experience, and even history need to be considered if we are to get committed members & to avoid clan hoppers. The current Player Profile screen yields precious little info on this. Extraneous info on the player’s alliance (such as alliance level, member count, alliance language, and logo) take up valuable space, whereas these info belong to the Alliance Info page, which can be accessed separately. May I request additional & specific info on the incoming player, as (crudely) illustrated below: 


The “Rank in Previous Alliance” info helps to quickly promote an experienced new entrant without disrespecting them by starting them on the junior-most level.

About the “Ban” button, this may be useful for Open-type alliances that kick out belligerents. Their Founders would not want the separated player to walk back, post abuses on the alliance chat, and then scoot. Though I don’t have a personal experience, I’ve heard that this fiasco had happened before. 

Also, can we replace the wording on the " KICK" button to a less hurtful " TERMINATE" button, please?

Thanks. ☺️

Love this idea! To add to it, I suggested something like this in the RR2 forum, where, on your alliance page you can set the minimum donations required. No players below the minimum can send an invite to the alliance. This would be similar to the ban button and would make life for all the generals in the alliance much easier

Indeed, Awesomest… So, here’s the illustrated idea:

Note that I have included only a single language, as it is virtually impossible for an alliance to chat in 2 languages. Besides the rarity of bilingual speakers, the potential for political arguments to erupt are high in the alliance, because many alliances seem to be using the “Language” option as “Nationality” identifiers. Alliances need team integration, not segregation. ?

Exactly! With the arrows and everything! Just right. I hope all of this is added in!

Wow AriesRising you are good in illustration and all. Your idea are all awesome

These are good ideas, I like that part about being able to view a players history. ?