Deutsche Facebook Gruppe

Some of your German team members are running in issues as Flaregames is just communicating in English and they don’t understand it very well? Solution: All important information are now translated in German. Help your members to be better players:
Viele deutschsprachige Spieler haben Probleme die Informationen von Flaregames zu verstehen, weil sie nicht auf Deutsch sind. Ladet eure Spieler in die deutschsprachige User Group ein.

Yeah some like Flaregames don’t do that and maybe that why they lose so much players. After 4 years they should have a auto translate games. the majority of games offer language translate. If you set in English your game will be in English. If you set it in French your game will be French and receive French informations. Sadly not all developer take time to translate each update and informations of the game. The majority doing it in English only. So its maybe something to do for Flare in 2019

at least English,French,Spanish,German,Chinese. At least this 5 languages

Wir haben auch eine Gruppe für Ally Vorstellungen.